Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech THIS DOCUMENT WAS GENERATED FOR FREE GET YOUR FREE DOCUMENTS HERE: https://discord.gg/9YPGdJ4FCu Q1: When was the Declaration of Independence approved by the Second Continental Congress?? a. May 4, 1776 b. July 2, 1776 c. June 4, 1776 d. !July 4, 1776 Q2: What does the "G" mean in "G-Man"?? a. !Government b. Going c. Ghost d. Geronimo Q3: What is the unit of currency in Laos?? a. Konra b. Dollar c. !Kip d. Ruble Q4: What did the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia ban in 2010, that took effect in 2012?? a. Flamenco b. Fiestas c. !Bullfighting d. Mariachi Q5: Which Italian automobile manufacturer gained majority control of U.S. automobile manufacturer Chrysle a. Ferrari b. Alfa Romeo c. !Fiat d. Maserati Q6: What is the Italian word for "tomato"?? a. Aglio b. Cipolla c. Peperoncino d. !Pomodoro Q7: What is the name of the popular animatronic singing fish prop, singing such hits such as "Don
a. Big Billy Bass b. Singing Fish c. !Big Mouth Billy Bass d. Sardeen Q8: Which iconic Disneyland attraction was closed in 2017 to be remodeled as a "Guardians of the Gal a. Peter Pan's Flight b. Pirates of the Caribbean c. The Haunted Mansion d. !Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Q9: Where does water from Poland Spring water bottles come from?? a. Masovia, Poland b. !Maine, United States c. Hesse, Germany d. Bavaria, Poland Q10: Earl Grey tea is black tea flavoured with what?? a. Honey b. !Bergamot oil c. Lavender d. Vanilla
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