CPE-1615-Research Musings

Research Musings CPE 1615 - Week 3 Dr. Daniel Fisher Submission Date: 23 October 2015 Ava Hall Maryam
Research Musings - CPE Week 3 Introduction For Research Musings But nothing else is the same. There was great hope that the ship created and launched by your forefathers would one day colonize a faraway planet and establish a new human civilization there. Things go reasonably well until the first generation of children raised on these planets grow up, and want to spread their beliefs to the other planets. When you do, the rusty old sword comes loose from the rock with ease. Digging into the magical underbelly of the city, you find a retired warlock who says he can help you go undercover. When you were eight years old, you received a beautiful porcelain doll. Things become complicated as you don't want to be revered as a god or feared by your clan. It doesn't make any sense." The alley is littered with the bodies of half a dozen demons, some decapitated, and others stabbed multiple times. Recent scientific advancements have made it possible to artificially extend the period of childhood neural development—when the brain rapidly forms new neural connections—making it much easier to learn new languages and other skills. It's up to you and your classmate to follow the clues he left behind, and in time, to find him as well. You creep closer and see that the front door is slightly ajar, so you ease the door open to get a better look. You look around, but there's nothing to use to pull him up. In the distance, the ground has been torn asunder. Some draftsmen are so sickened by the vision that they abandon the expedition altogether, believing it to be the work of Satan. And now? You work at a greasy fast-food joint in the busiest part of the city. One day in port, however, while the crew is unloading and you are lounging in the bridge, the door blows open and a woman stumbles in, bleeding from a wound to the gut and dragging a possibly broken ankle. Beginning on your 18th birthday, you start having the same dream every night for years. You desperately want to murder the king, but killing an immortal requires a magic far beyond your comprehension. She is kind and bears gifts for you from her world. Other times, the tidal waves reach as high as skyscrapers, and the sea floor splits into giant gaping crevices that swallow massive marine animals whole. You climb in to grab it, only to find that when you exit the wardrobe, the sun has risen. Instead, the Native Americans landed on European soil and discovered the people there instead of the other way around. Our sun begins to compress and heat up at the core. The year is 1830, and the American railroad system is beginning to snake its way across the country. 1
Research Musings - CPE Week 3 Questions For Research Musings Instructions : As he takes off, the hem of his robe gets caught on the tines of the pitchfork and he falls to the ground, but - inexplicably - you and the pitchfork keep launching skyward. You've waited for decades for your prince to come, but to no avail. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a black pen, telling you that the pen is magical and writes only the correct answers. Question 1 : What is something unique about you that few others are aware of? a. You have opened a portal to another world, and it quickly sucks you inside. b. You look down and find you're flying. c. A woman appears in the mirror, offering you your heart's desire. Question 2 : What characteristics do all of your pals share? a. You broke it off with him before you left for college and, although it was weird to go back to the real world, you knew it was the right thing to do. b. You have a job as a customer service representative in a rundown call center in the middle of a nondescript office park. c. Unfortunately, they were woefully unprepared to handle these creatures, and the shelter was soon in shambles. Question 3 : What exactly is Platonic realism? a. Somehow, you have ended up in the future. b. You journey to the other side of the world to seek the help of a witch once shunned for her practice of necromancy. c. As these pictures circulate, people flock to the dress shop looking for a similar fashion statement. 2
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