WGS: Ex Question 1: How many members are there in the idol group qu a. a. 48 b. 3 c. 6 d. !9 a. a. Make Your Move 420 My Mind b. Smoke Weed 420 Everyday c. It039;s All In Your Head 420 Understand d. !Lisa Frank 420 Modern Computing a. a. Asia b. Italia c. Gallia d. !Hispania Question 4: What is the Gray Wolf039;s scientific name? a. a. !Canis Lupus b. Canis Lupus Lycaon c. Canis Latrans d. Canis Aureus Question 5: What is the Klingon039;s afterlife called? a. a. Valhalla b. Karon039;gahk c. !Stovokor d. New Jersey a. a. Gabig b. !Lamentation c. Predictive Death Wish d. Galvanized Atomic Lead Insertion Liquidator a. a. !Slipping off a cliff, and nearly drowning in icy water b. Being served undercooked chicken at his hotel c. Crash landing when arriving at Keflaviacute;k airport d. A minor car accident in a snowstorm a. a. Komodo Brothers Question 2: What is the English title of the vaporwave track quot;420 quot; by Macintosh Plus Vektroid? Question 3: During the Roman Triumvirate of 42 BCE, what region of the Roman Republic was given to Lepidus? Question 6: In the Zombies mode of quot;Call of Duty: Black Opsquot;, what is the quot;PackAPunchedquot; version of the quot;Galilquot; called? Question 7: In 2008, British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay believes he almost died after suffering what accident in Iceland while filming? Question 8: What is the 4th boss in the 1997 video game quot;Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Backquot;?
b. Tiny Tiger c. !Dr. N. Gin d. Dr. Neo Cortex Question 9: Which country is the Taedong River in? a. a. China b. !North Korea Page 1 c. Japan d. South Korea Question 10: In Geometry Dash, what is level 13? a. a. Theory of Everything b. Clutterfunk c. Clubstep d. !Electroman Adventures Question 1: What is Hermione Granger039;s middle name? a. a. Jo b. Jane c. Emma d. !Jean a. a. Ultralight Beam b. Highlights c. !Famous d. Wolves Question 3: Which of these songs is NOT included in the Suicid a. a. Without Me Eminem b. !Skies on Fire ACDC c. Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival d. Heathens Twenty One Pilots Question 4: What was found in 1946 by two young shepards nea a. a. Sheep b. The Blackbeard Chest c. !Dead Sea Scrolls d. The First Oaxaca Cave Sleeper a. a. Drum b. Axia c. Jack d. !Shiron Question 2: Which song in rapper Kanye West039;s album quot;The Life of Pabloquot; features Rihanna? Question 5: Which one of these characters is from quot;Legendz : Tale of the Dragon Kingsquot;?
a. a. Excalisore b. Excalisnore c. Excalibore d. !Excalipoor Question 7: What national museum will you find in Cooperstown a. a. !National Baseball Hall of Fame b. Museum of Modern Art c. National Toy Hall of Fame d. Metropolitan Museum of Art a. a. !13 b. 10 c. 18 Page 2 d. 6 Question 9: Which of the following physicists did NOT work o a. a. Richard Feynman b. J. Robert Oppenheimer c. John VonNeumann d. !Murray GellMann Question 10: Which of the following is used to measure blood pre a. a. Ruler b. Haemoerythrometer c. Barometer d. !Sphygmomanometer Question 1: Pianist Freacute;deacute;ric Chopin was a comp a. a. Baroque b. Classic c. !Romantic d. Renaissance a. a. Mercury b. !Acetone c. Water d. Benzene a. a. FZero Question 6: In quot;Final Fantasy VIquot;, what is the name of summoned Gilgamesh039;s weakest attack? Question 8: In the game Warframe, what Mastery Rank do you need to have to build the Tigris Prime? Question 2: Which of the following liquids is least viscous? Assume temperature is 25deg;C. Question 3: The Internet Meme quot;All your base are belong to usquot; is based on the poorly translated English Version of which Video Game?
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