JOURNALISM-242-Study Dossiers

Study Dossiers JOURNALISM 242 - Week 2 Dr. Sarah Martinez Submission Date: 22 December 2020 Michael Moore Maryam
Study Dossiers - JOURNALISM Week 2 Introduction For Study Dossiers Small valuables have slowly been going missing, and your parents keep blaming you. You prefer the dark loneliness of space to your crowded home planet of Earth, so you've agreed to be a scout for an organization looking for resources to mine on other planets. The forest behind your town is an ancient thing, thought to be utterly uninhabitable. Someone is approaching your encampment. They always forget you, and you them. Now, please hold all of your questions until the end. Years ago he called upon a demon named Beleth, who offered him fame in exchange for the musical ability of others. Excited to see this technological marvel up close and to find out what happened to its inhabitants, you and your crew decide to land on the planet and investigate further. You have manipulated many rich men over the years, all of whom have given you large amounts of their fortunes and even some of their business interests. As a reputable bounty hunter, you are determined to capture the leprechaun and claim the reward from the king—not to mention the leprechaun's pot of gold. It eventually allows you to dress its wounds and, after a few moments of what sounds like purring, it falls asleep nestled up in a makeshift shoebox bed that you made for it. You wonder what has happened. Your marketing agency unintentionally discovers a secret government program that uses the same strategy to decrease costs by encouraging the elderly or severely ill to refuse medical treatment. You are new in town and determined to blend in and keep a low profile. A fragrant breeze blows through the window. Maybe they need glasses? They do seem to be squinting a lot. You are a member of the space troopers ordered to defend the miners and you must find a way to fight these aliens before all is lost. Although their exterior is unpleasant to look at, they are as human as you or me. A few of them are horrified, which is to be expected. It's been around since you were a kid, and you feel as if it should have died years ago, but it keeps on living to your dismay. Impressed by his read of your intentions--and a bit entranced by his emerald eyes--you find yourself drawn into a dinner date. There is a crackling, hissing sound, and tentacled bug-eyed creatures emerge, catching the feds in their tentacles and tearing them to pieces. While exploring an antique shop with your parents, you find an old, fancy mirror. "Would you rather live a normal lifespan and die in your 80s, or relive the same month for eternity?" asks your best friend in one of many games of Would You Rather. 1
Study Dossiers - JOURNALISM Week 2 Questions For Study Dossiers Instructions : As more and more people report that family members did not return from their day at sea, the townsfolk panic, and soon they are screaming and crying. Who else can possibly know enough to attempt to blackmail you? But you need more evidence. No one knows how. Question 1 : In respect to metaethics, the notions of freedom and responsibility. a. Together, you would be unstoppable. b. But when the newspapers start piling up on her doorstep for days on end, your curiosity gets the best of you. c. You agree to serve a dark warlock and lead his army of the undead to wreak havoc and destruction across the land. Question 2 : What period of history fascinates you the most? a. With a powerful swirl of wind, he swoops you up and, before you know it, you're standing in the center of Olympus, where the other gods eagerly await your arrival. b. Your heart is aching. c. Your goal is to for people to be able to breathe without special equipment again— something that hasn't happened in over 100 years. Question 3 : How much of the Atlantic Ocean's surface is there overall? a. Why does nobody in the orchestra look like him? You hang around, and he seems to know you are waiting because he wraps up quickly and comes to talk to you. b. As you pay your fare, someone bumps your shoulder, causing you to drop your handbag. c. As you swim you realize that the medallion allows you to breathe underwater. 2
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