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Nov 11, 2023
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The Great Inventory Correction Case Study, Discussion Board Reply Robert Chadwick School of Business, Liberty University Your discussion of the Altera Caste Study is very thorough and the points that you made were very insightful. Cost saving is always a measure that all businesses must deliberate when making decisions. This was alluded to in your discussion that Altera could save themselves and their customers' money by fixing their supply chain issues. A pricing strategy is a measure that is a major part of when multiple entities are doing business and allowing each other to pass on cost savings and increase the profit margins. The pull strategy will allow a timelier manner to all along the supply chain and become a cost-saving measure that will help eliminate stagnate supply chain. Supply chain integration (SCI) is the degree to which a partnership is joined and associated with its partners, incorporating mutual patron and supplier integration (Chiang & Huang, 2021). Having an alliance in business is the proper way to ensure that one will succeed as it is hard to go at things alone and it is not cost-effective. "Over the decades, a type of inter-organizational cooperative arrangement via collaborative strategies and alliance structures among firms—known as a "strategic alliance"—has become an increasingly attractive means of improving competitiveness" (Han et al., 2021). When sharing the load of a problem that both entities are having is easier as there will be multiple solutions instead of just issues. When everyone involved is giving and receiving information it will make for an alliance that can be strong for all parties. Collaboration is key to the triumph of Altera, and they ought ot know that two are more formidable than one. Reference Chiang, A., & Huang, M. (2021). Demand-pull vs supply-push strategy: The effects of organizational structure on supply chain integration and response capabilities. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 32 (8), 1493- 1514. https://doi.org/10.1108/JMTM-08-2020-0324 Han, C., Pervez, A., Wu, J., Shen, X., & Zhang, D. (2020). Home-delivery-oriented agri- food supply chain alliance: Framework, management strategies, and cooperation stability control. Sustainability (Basel, Switzerland), 12 (16), 6547. https://doi.org/10.3390/su12166547
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