Running head: CHRISTMAS 1 Student Name: Ganesh Ajay Alla ID: 605202 Professor: Amanda Ewing Course: BA623 G3 Marketing Communication Date: 11/29/2020 Christmas
CHRISTMAS 2 Advertisement URL - of-christmas-so-far/ Christmas campaign Ad would increase the sales of the marketing brands that probably determine evolving brands in the industry. Christmas season is utilized by the most of the companies whereas offering good services to consumers and manage better services that process towards better products. General ambiance of this advertisement shows best ads that share useful information to consumers whereas Christmas ads show publishing by company brands. This probably describe digital marketing ensure campaigns that shows commercial ads. It shows best ads are probably seems over Christmas campaigns. Design of this advertisement shows publishing various brands are shown in the ad it is the best time to process basic components or elements are arranged in the order that describes essential values of the Ad is designed in balanced value shows clear picture in ad. Relationship between pictorial elements determines activities should process towards other brands that show pictorial ads. It shows clearly about specific brands create better ads that shows essential brands like Pepsi, Disney and many other Ads are promoting their brands would increase the sales. Space of the advertisement considers the graph of the various brands seems better promotion offered by the brands. Whitespace is considered better elements should manage full graphic and consists of better advertisement. This probably considers whitespace in the ad shows brand value for the promotional ad. Signs and symbols paly key role in the company brands that shows improvement in sales and economy of the brand this probably shows clear value of the brand. It shows better values and impact on the ad would show clear picture.
CHRISTMAS 3 There are figures in promotional ads impact on the consumers that shows various values describe various methods determines by the various brands. This probably considers various brands that show intensity of the company brands will impact over consumer and consider sales. Background of the ad shows clear indication of the brands determine significant methods are processed towards background of the ad. Promotion show clear picture that represents activities shows significance of the ad. This advertisement shows better way of promoting the brands through advertisements. Action taking place in the advertisement ensure significant methods determine brand value that shows clear strategies are processed with ads. This was right plot for many brands over promoting the advertisement. It shows significance methods describe brand value ensure better services of the companies. Theme of the advertisement shows about various brands indicating various services would probably determine clear view of the each brand. Christmas event would increase the sales of the company brands would improve the growth of the various Ads represents better growth. Advertisements shows emotional response of the techniques and shows better values manage essential comparison would determine activities of the company brands. This shows various brands would process comparison of various brands that shows intention of the advertisement would show emotional response. Typefaces consider essential values of the brands would show impressions that would convey the better surface of the brands that describe impressions. It shows clear strategies towards promoting the company ads would probably consider the typeface mange essential methods are determines activities.
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