Running head: IKEA 1 Student Name: Ganesh Ajay Alla ID: 605202 Professor: Amanda Ewing Course: BA623 G3 Marketing Communication Date: 12/06/2020 IKEA
IKEA 2 Advertisement URL - home/ General ambiance of the advertisement considers about the Ikea brand this seems company manage branding by unique way. It has become the most popular brand and promoting awareness of stay home and stay safe. This company handle and demonstrate video about maintain social distancing. Advertisement design clearly indicates about the stay home and stay safe campaign is promoted in video format that seems creative spot whereas it consists of limited resources. Sensitive spot accomplish consists of other forms that probably determine basic components are considered by the company. Pictorial representation of this Ad shows clearly about social distancing and stay home whereas it is also said in form of video promotion. Advertisement represents about furniture that considered over Ad whereas promoting brand in unique way. That consists of essential resources should considered. Use of space in this Advertisement describes campaigning of brand whereas retailer manages similar campaigns that probably described in a short video. This perspective shows essential values are determined over instructions processed over retailers. It consists of essential ways are described in the AD. Advertisement shows signs and symbols that probably define essential values whereas it performs crucial role that consists of impact on the Ad. It considers necessary values would represent better consistency of the company. This also represents in forma of symbols and consists of crucial role. Figures in the Advertisement represents completely about brand value that shows clear strategies whereas it describes effective measures. It consists of occupation, relationship
IKEA 3 and others would consider about the Ad whereas it represents necessary values that consists of best values of the Advertisement. Background of the Advertisement shows about maintains social distancing and stay safe and stay home whereas famous brands are promoting in such a way encouraging people. This process describes about the most popular brand that consists of commercial Ad. It encourages people to stay home and safe. Action is considered for this Advertisement that is promoting brands ensure clear view that probably determines essential values. Significance methods describe key measures should process by Ad post that probably define activities. It consists of necessary activities are processed towards Ad. Theme of the Advertisement shows about promoting brand in unique way by mentioning social distancing is necessary between people. This Ad follows various types and considers ambition and faithful towards products and enhances better strategy development. This probably consists of necessary roles. Information provided in this Advertisement clearly indicates about the brand promotion of the Ikea whereas there is also a message regarding social distancing. It consists of necessary methods should be considered towards managing brand value and consider information of the brand. Typefaces describe standards of the brand that is promoted, and it considers impressions would process necessary activities enhance methods which consists of essential ways. This Advertisement describes typefaces whereas it shows better and consider activities of the Ikea indicates in short video. Items represent in the Advertisement shows clear values that describe key role in the methods represents various resources are shown in the Ad. It consists of American culture
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