MCDONALD'S CREW TRAINER TEST OBVIOUS BUT TOUGH QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS EXPECTED IN EXAMS What is the sauce policy? - ANS The sauce policy is a guide we use to determine how many sauces a customer gets in relation to the food they ordered. We use this policy to ensure consistency to our customers and to help control food cost. The sauce policy is as follows: - ANS nuggets: 4pc-1 6pc-1 10pc-2 20pc-3 tenders: 2pc-1 4pc-1 6pc-2 10pc-3 fries: sm-1 med-2 lg-3 What are the 6 steps of service? - ANS The 6 steps of service are the procedures we use in taking and preparing customers' orders, to again ensure consistency to out customers. The 6 steps of service: - ANS 1. Greet the customer- "hi how can I help you today" or some variation of this, you must say HI or HELLO to the customer. 2. Take the order- use smart order taking, suggestive sell etc. 3. Take the money- say "out of" so both you and the customer know what they are paying with and there is no confusion on the change. 4. Assemble the order- fries and ice cream ALWAYS last, oatmeal always first. 5. Present the order- call the order out by its number and the main item. 6. Repeat business- "thank you please come again". What are the 5 steps to customer recovery? - ANS This is the correct procedure to follow when dealing with a customer complaint. The 5 steps to customer recovery: - ANS 1. Introduce yourself- let them know who you are, use their name, and make it personal. Listen attentively, do not interrupt and never argue.
2. Offer a sincere apology- they expect and deserve it. 3. Make it right- do whatever it takes to make them happy. 4. Fix it operationally- find out what went wrong and why to cause the complaint and reassure the customer you'll fix it for the future. 5. Go for the "wow"- go above and beyond their expectations and build a relationship for future visits. What are enemies of the vats? - ANS Certain things cause our oil to become old more quickly, for this reason we call them "enemies of the vats" and try to avoid contact with these items and the oil at all times. What are the 7 enemies of the vats? - ANS 1. water 2. heat 3. air 4. time 5. carbon 6. detergent 7. salt What are the 3 ups? - ANS 1. Back up: when you have nothing to do in your area the first thing you should do is look to see if you can assist in another area. 2. Clean up: if no one needs help, you should clean up. 3. Stock up: if you have no customers and no one else needs help and the store is clean then you should begin to stock up. Why do we use smart order taking? - ANS we use smart order taking to help make the order taking time and total experience time shorter Smart order taking: - ANS smart order taking means to always suggest the customer with an option- don't ask them what they want. EX: If they ask for a number 1 you say "is that large with a coke?" If they order nuggets you say "would you like bbq sauce with that" If they order a salad suggest crispy or grilled don't ask which one, same goes for happy meals etc. You should ALWAYS suggest the more expensive option so you always ask if they want the meal/drink/fry etc large. What are holding times? - ANS Holding times are how long a product is good for after it has been cooked. French fries are good for 7 minutes, hash browns are good for 10. These are the holding times for products you should know: - ANS Pies: 4 hours Cookies: 4 hours
Sweet tea: 8 hours Unsweet tea: 8 hours Iced coffee: 12 hours Urn liner: 24 hours What do holding times mean? - ANS This means that after the holding times on the items has past, it needs to be wasted because it is no longer good. What are the three characteristics of french fries that our customers expect? - ANS Hot, fresh, salty List in proper order of assembly: big mac, oatmeal, med drink, large fries, 2 apple pies, and a salad. - ANS 1- oatmeal 2- drinks 3- big mac 4- salad 5- 2 apple pies 6- large fries What is the main order of placing items on a tray? - ANS Oatmeal ALWAYS goes on the tray FIRST, then drinks and sandwiches. Fries and ice cream ALWAYS LAST. When placing items for front counter, you always... - ANS provide correct napkins, straws, etc. Fry Procedures: - ANS fries must always be cooked from frozen. When dropping fries in the oil, you start... - ANS from the left and drop 1 basket in the 1st vat, the next basket goes in the 2nd vat, and the 3rd in the 3rd vat. In the circumstance where you need to drop 2 baskets in the same vat, you must... - ANS wait at least 30 seconds before putting the second one in, otherwise the temperature of the oil will drop and they won't cook correctly effecting the quality of your product. When the fires beep the 1st time, it means... - ANS to lift the basket fully out of the oil and shake the basket to prevent them from becoming stuck together. When the fries are finished cooking, - ANS you must hold the basket above the oil for 10 seconds in order to drain the extra oil to prevent making a mess and to prevent loss of oil. OIL IS EXPENSIVE, KEEP IT IN THE VAT Once the vat beeps saying QUAL, it means - ANS the fries cooked in that basket have been out for 7 minutes and are no longer good and are to be wasted in the waste bucket.
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