Ray cleint 800 words introduction deadline- 28 may (2)

Questionnaire : 1. What is your gender? a) Male b) Female c) Other 2. What is your age? a) 18-20 b) 21-25 c) 26-30 d) 31 or above 3. Which program are you currently enrolled in? a) Bachelor's in Business Administration b) Master's in Business Administration c) Other (please specify) 4. Have you received any formal education or training in entrepreneurship? a) Yes b) No 5. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 indicates "strongly disagree" and 5 indicates "strongly agree," please rate the following statements based on your perception: a) Entrepreneurship offers attractive career opportunities. b) Entrepreneurship requires a high level of risk-taking. c) Entrepreneurship promotes creativity and innovation. d) Entrepreneurship provides more control over personal and professional life. e) Entrepreneurship is a viable option for financial independence. f) Entrepreneurship requires a unique set of skills and abilities.
6. Are you currently considering starting your own business in the future? a) Yes, definitely b) Yes, maybe c) No 7. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, what factors motivate you to start your own business? (Select all that apply) a) Independence and autonomy b) Financial potential c) Pursuit of a passion or interest d) Desire for personal growth and development e) Lack of attractive job opportunities in the market f) Other (please specify) 8. What challenges do you perceive in starting your own business? a) Lack of financial resources b) Lack of experience and knowledge c) Uncertainty and risk d) Competition in the market e) Balancing work and personal life f) Other (please specify) 9. Do you feel that the educational curriculum at the Greater Manchester Business School adequately prepares you for entrepreneurship? a) Yes b) No c) Not sure
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