PMPG 5001 - Module 9 - Evolution of Quality (Nov.7.2023)

PMPG 5001 Module 9 - Evolution of Quality (Nov.7.2023) Before Industrial Revolution After Industrial Revolution Modern Times Individual craftsperson responsibilities included all aspects of what he/she produced: 1. Design 2. Acquiring supplies 3. Tools 4. Production techniques 5. Quality 6. Sales 7. Customer complaints 8. Improvements Individual craftsperson approach: 1. Total control over output 2. Items made one at a time 3. Each item a little (?) bit different 4. Learning passed on to apprentices Things Changed: i. Demand increased ii. More items, faster iii. Work moved to central locations iv. Factories.... v. Standardization of designs vi. Assembly lines vii. Interchangeable parts viii. Specialized tasks ('Scientific Management') ix. Unskilled workers trained to make parts according to a standard design x. Worker focus = individual parts (vs. the whole) xi. Individual contribution = part of final product xii. Holistic manufacturing concept destroyed xiii. Inspection becomes important xiv. Design standards evolve Early 20 th Century Statistical approaches to quality developed New theories & inspection methods Charts, sampling techniques, analysis tools introduced Foundations for modern quality assurance Post WWII... Statistical quality control introduced in Japan Quality required to open new markets and... ...necessary for survival of the nation 20 yrs. on: Japan : improved quality at an unprecedented rate The West : life is good -who needs quality? 1970's & 1980's... Significant market share losses by western businesses Japan relentlessly
improves, the West is asleep at the switch Finally... 'If Japan can do it, why can't we??' The West wakes up.... US introduces the Malcolm Baldrige quality award (...only 34 years after Japan introduced the Deming award) 1990's... Governments, healthcare, education, service providers begin serious quality improvement efforts Quality principles integrated into management systems Organization-wide performance excellence movement is born → 'Total Quality Management' movement. Going Forward... It's a global marketplace "Successful organizations know that the principles of TQ are essential to effective management practice, and ...a sound approach for achieving business success." Survival depends on high quality Design Manufacture Test for Quality Discard Rejects Distribute accepted products
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