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KIN 317
Nov 7, 2023
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And my friends said they felt gratitude for being in such a sheltered environment and that they enjoyed it more than anything. boo. and keep in mind, it always will be the price to pay for being there, so i KNOW it. i can't be there anymore, and that's all count as good things. the bad thing is that there wasn't anyone there to cheer for, so i'm by myself and abuzz. hahaha maybe if my brothers were thereRub will get me some relief, for sure): i should just stop doing that. nobody really needs a headache all of the time. for every times that we are all sharing a fond moment, we have a busted head to deal with it. this is the reality and reality is what it is. as i've said, before, for all of the "can't fucking get a break" pep talk i get, it hurts really bad to be away from work,. 1. Which of the following financial ratios is a measure of a company's ability to meet its short-term obligations using its most liquid assets? a) Current ratio. b) Debt to equity ratio. c) Price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. d) Return on equity (ROE). 2. Which programming language is commonly used to build smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain? a) JavaScript b) Python c) Solidity d) C++ 3. In business analysis, what term is used to describe a detailed description of how a system or process is intended to work? a) Workflow b) Business case
c) Use case d) System specification 4. What is the formula for the dividend discount model in stock valuation? a) DDM = Dividends / (Required return - Dividend growth rate) b) DDM = Dividends * (Required return - Dividend growth rate) c) DDM = (Dividends * Required return) / Dividend growth rate d) DDM = (Dividends / Dividend growth rate) - Required return 5. What is the principle of diversification in risk management? a) Spreading investments across multiple asset classes b) Concentrating investments in a single asset class c) Maximizing risk exposure to a single risk factor d) Avoiding investments altogether 6. In the context of marketing, what does the acronym "CRM" stand for? a) Customer Relationship Management b) Customer Review Metrics c) Customer Retention Model d) Customer Response Marketing 7. What chart plots data points along an X and Y axis and shows the relationship between variables? a) Bar chart b) Histogram c) Scatter plot d) Gantt chart
8. What is the primary purpose of the `if __name__ == "__main__":` block in a Python script? a) To define a main function b) To execute code only if the script is run directly, not imported c) To check for syntax errors d) To create a unit test 9. Who was the leader of the Haitian Revolution, which led to the establishment of Haiti as the first independent black republic in the Americas in the early 19th century? a) Toussaint Louverture b) Simon Bolivar c) Jean-Jacques Dessalines d) José de San Martín
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