With ornamental books. Reading is akin to climbing the stairs, any wrong turning and one could die. "The more we hide ourselves, the more we profit by it, and always we profit by it."-Sondra Thayer I filed a FOIADesigns of these underground dwellings to look SOMETHING LIKE THIS: What is deeply hidden can be beautifully shown. In his book "The Secure Base", Adam Stuchlik uses the acronym "SB" to illustrate the feelings an interior designer can create. 1. Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 major U.S. stock indexes? a) Dow Jones Industrial Average b) NASDAQ Composite c) S&P 500 d) FTSE 100 2. In business analysis, what term is used to describe a detailed description of how a system or process is intended to work? a) Workflow b) Business case c) Use case d) System specification 3. In particle physics, what class of particles includes protons and neutrons and is composed of three quarks? a) Leptons b) Bosons c) Fermions d) Hadrons 4. What is the difference between a tariff and a quota when it comes to trade barriers? a) A tariff is a tax while a quota limits quantity b) A quota is a tax while a tariff limits quantity
c) They are the same thing d) There is no difference 5. Who is the philosopher known for his existentialist philosophy and works like "Being and Time"? a) Jean-Paul Sartre b) Albert Camus c) Friedrich Nietzsche d) Martin Heidegger 6. What is the term for the total return on an investment expressed as a percentage of the original investment amount? a) Dividend yield b) Interest rate c) Capital gains d) Return on investment (ROI) 7. How can visual testing tools like Applitools benefit test automation? a) Identify visual defects and integrate with CI/CD - improves release quality. b) Limited benefit since visual appearance is subjective. c) Useful only for web and mobile applications. d) Requires manual verification hence provides little efficiency. 8. What are some major innovations that enabled the development of modern genetics and the biotechnology industry? a) DNA sequencing, PCR, CRISPR, monoclonal antibodies - enabled precise engineering of biology. b) Mainly advanced computing to analyze large datasets, core techniques little changed. c) Cryo-electron microscopy vital to map macromolecule structures. d) Einstein's mass-energy equivalence principle enabled nuclear mutations.
9. In Python, what is the purpose of the `pass` statement? a) To indicate a syntax error b) To terminate the program c) To create an empty code block d) To define a custom exception 10. What is dynamic programming and how is it useful for solving complex problems efficiently? a) Breaks down problems into subproblems, avoids repeated computation - reduces exponential complexity. b) Heuristically tries different solutions through programming. c) Simulates program execution dynamically at runtime. d) Mainly used for web applications to enable dynamic content.
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