App Exam Monday

Problem Points Score 1a. 5 0 1b. 5 0 2a. 5 0 2b. 5 0 2c. 5 0 2d. 5 0 3a. 5 0 3b. 5 0 3c. 5 0 3d. 5 0 4a. 5 0 4b. 5 0 4c. 5 0 5. 5 0 6. 5 0 7. 5 0 8. 5 0 9. 5 0 10. 10 0 Total 100 0
NAME Last name, First name Carrera, Jaymeson Application Exam HONOR CODE: I agree to having fully understood the following rules and will abide by them: The work reported here is based solely on my own work; I have not and will not discuss anything about this exam with any other student; I will not access the Internet during the exam other than to use Blackboard to download and upload my Connect to access the textbook and my homework assignments. This means I will not use the Internet this exam such as email, IM, Google or to access any other URL. I understand that violations of the above code will be reported to the office of the Dean and will lead to by the faculty and the Dean's office. READ THIS! For most problems, what I believe to be the correct answers are shown in green to the right answers. If you can't figure out how to get the answer in green, don't spend too much time because (a) you won't have time to do other problems and (b) there is a possibility that wha incorrect.
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