Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: In a standard set of playing cards, which is the only king without a moustache?? a. Diamonds b. Spades c. Clubs d. !Hearts Q2: When was the Declaration of Independence approved by the Second Continental Congress?? a. May 4, 1776 b. June 4, 1776 c. July 2, 1776 d. !July 4, 1776 Q3: Which of the following buildings is example of a structure primarily built in the Art Deco architectural sty a. Westendstrasse 1 b. Taipei 101 c. One Detroit Center d. !Niagara Mohawk Building Q4: What is the name given to Indian food cooked over charcoal in a clay oven?? a. !Tandoori b. Biryani c. Tiki masala d. Pani puri Q5: What is the romanized Russian word for "winter"?? a. Osen' b. !Zima c. Vesna d. Leto Q6: Which slogan did the fast food company, McDonald's, use before their "I'm Lovin� a. !We Love to See You Smile b. Have It Your Way c. Making People Happy Through Food d. Why Pay More!? Q7: Which item of clothing is usually worn by a Scotsman at a wedding?? a. !Kilt b. Dress
c. Skirt d. Rhobes Q8: What was the name given to Japanese military dictators who ruled the country through the 12th and 19 a. !Shogun b. Ninja c. Samurai d. Shinobi Q9: What is the full title of the Prime Minister of the UK?? a. !First Lord of the Treasury b. Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition c. Duke of Cambridge d. Manager of the Crown Estate Q10: The Fields Medal, one of the most sought after awards in mathematics, is awarded every how many ye a. 3 b. 6 c. 5 d. !4
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