Graduate Organziational Management and Leadership-Self Eval. Week 4

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Nov 7, 2023
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"I have a clear understanding of where my group is going." 4 "I always give others positive feedback when they perform well." 5 "I paint an interesting picture of the future for our group." 3 "I give special recognition to group members when their work is very good." 4 I am always seeking new opportunities for the group." 2 "I commend others when they do a better than average job." 4 "I inspire others with my plans for the future." 3 "I frequently acknowledge others' good performance." 4 Transformational Leadership Score: 12 Transactional Leadership Score: 17
"I can list my three greatest weaknesses." 4 "My actions reflect my core values." 5 "I seek others' opinions before making up my own mind." 4 "I openly share my feelings with others." 5 "I can list my three greatest strengths." 4 "I do not allow group pressure to control me." 2 "I listen closely to the ideas of those who disagree with me." 4 "I let others know who I truly am as a person." 4 4 "Other people know where I stand on controversial issues." 3 "I do not emphasize my own point of view at the expense of others." 5 "I rarely present a "false" front to others." 3 "I accept the feelings I have about myself." 4 "My morals guide what I do as a leader." 5 "I listen very carefully to the ideas of others before making decisions." 3 "I admit my mistakes to others." 5 Self-Awareness Score: 16 Internalized Moral Perspective Score: 15 Balanced Processing Score: 16 Relational Transparency Score: 17 "I seek feedback as a way of understanding who I really am as a person."
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