Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: Which Italian automobile manufacturer gained majority control of U.S. automobile manufacturer Chrysle a. Ferrari b. !Fiat c. Alfa Romeo d. Maserat Q2: What is the German word for "spoon"?? a. !Löffel b. Gabel c. Essstäbchen d. Messer Q3: What is the romanized Japanese word for "university"?? a. Shokudou b. Toshokan c. !Daigaku d. Jimusho Q4: Which of the following carbonated soft drinks were introduced first?? a. Mountain Dew b. !Dr. Pepper c. Coca-Cola d. Sprite Q5: In what year was McDonald's founded?? a. 1947 b. !1955 c. 1951 d. 1964 Q6: What was the soft drink Pepsi originally introduced as?? a. !Brad's Drink b. Carolina Cola c. Pepsin Pop d. Pepsin Syrup Q7: What is the Portuguese word for "Brazil"?? a. Brasíl b. !Brasil
c. Brazil d. Brasilia Q8: Computer manufacturer Compaq was acquired for $25 billion dollars in 2002 by which company?? a. Dell b. Asus c. !Hewlett-Packard d. Toshiba Q9: What was the name given to Japanese military dictators who ruled the country through the 12th and 19 a. Samurai b. Ninja c. Shinobi d. !Shogun Q10: What fast food chain has the most locatons globally? ? a. Starbucks b. KFC c. McDonalds d. !Subway
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