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Examining the Effectiveness of Sexual Harassment Training in the Auto Industry Tonia Nutt Master of Science in Administration, Central Michigan University MSA 600: Foundations of Research Methods in Administration Dr. Yucel Thomas October 3, 2021
Annotated Bibliography Brown, L. et al. (2021) A Quantitative correlational study on diversity management, career planning, and career advancement for women. The Journal of Business Diversity . Retrieved from ProQuest. This journal article's main points concerned diversity management, career planning, and women's career advancement. Brown addresses gender diversity, scarcity of women in power, and career barriers in the workforce. The author also investigates the implications of women's underrepresentation in the auto manufacturing industry. This article is long but has a large amount of current data. It is relevant to my paper because of the information about male dominated workplace and women experiencing sexual harassment and other issues. Carlton, G. (2019) Workplace sexual harassment by industry. Working: Now and Then . Web. This article offers an analysis of sexual harassment statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Carlton examines the breakdown of sexual harassment complaints into 20 industries and percent of complaints by industry. The author also analyzes those data and explains the implications about the different industries. This article is easy to read, especially because of the graphs and percentages. It is useful because of
how it highlights how much sexual harassment happens in some industries. EEOC. (1999) EEOC and Ford sign multi-million dollar settlement of sexual harassment case. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission . Web. This is a press release from 1999 from the EEOC about the settlement of a sexual harassment suit brought against Ford. The article details the conditions of the lawsuit and resolution of sexual harassment and retaliation claims from multiple women at Ford's Chicago auto manufacturing facility. It also mentions the expectations moving forward concerning training, policies, and procedures involving this type of incident. This article is very succinct and easy for anyone to read and understand, as it is intended for public consumption. It is one of the most important for my paper because it shows sexual harassment in the auto industry is an ongoing problem and has been for decades. EEOC. (2017) Ford Motor Company to pay up to $10.125 million to settle EEOC harassment investigation. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission . Web. This is a press release from 2017 from the EEOC about the settlement of a sexual and racial harassment investigation involving Ford. The article is about investigation, findings, and settlement at two Ford auto plants in the Chicago area. This
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