Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe Q1: When was the Declaration of Independence approved by the Second Continental Congress?? a. May 4, 1776 b. !July 4, 1776 c. June 4, 1776 d. July 2, 1776 Q2: What does the "G" mean in "G-Man"?? a. Going b. !Government c. Ghost d. Geronimo Q3: In 2013 how much money was lost by Nigerian scams?? a. $95 Million b. $956 Million c. $2.7 Billion d. !$12.7 Billion Q4: What alcoholic drink is mainly made from juniper berries?? a. !Gin b. Vodka c. Rum d. Tequila Q5: What is the German word for "spoon"?? a. Gabel b. !Löffel c. Essstäbchen d. Messer Q6: When was Nintendo founded?? a. !September 23rd, 1889 b. December 27th, 1894 c. October 19th, 1891 d. March 4th, 1887 Q7: Amsterdam Centraal station is twinned with what station?? a. Brussels Midi b. !London Liverpool Street
c. Paris Gare du Nord d. Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof Q8: Which of the following carbonated soft drinks were introduced first?? a. Sprite b. !Dr. Pepper c. Mountain Dew d. Coca-Cola Q9: What was the original name of the search engine "Google"?? a. Netscape Navigator b. SearchPro c. CatMassage d. !BackRub Q10: Earl Grey tea is black tea flavoured with what?? a. Vanilla b. !Bergamot oil c. Lavender d. Honey
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