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Nov 6, 2023
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BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement Assessment Task 1 Task 01 Review performance and sustainability Report Introduction This report is to review the perfotmance of A.C. Gillbert, as there are many factors that we need to analyse and create the KRAs including KPIs to ensure that the organization will meet with the goals and objectives; 1. Identify the key systems and processes used by A.C.Gilbert including: a. Supply chain - Supplier that order the material - Manufacturer that produce the product - Distributor as delivery to retail shop - Retailer as sale the product with special sales person - Shopper that target customer is parents and kids b. Operational systems A. C. Gilbert began as company that had an operational system is a term used in data warehousing to refer to a system that is used to process the day-to-day transactions of an organisation. These systems are designed in a manner that processing of day-to-day transactions is performed efficiently and the integrity of the transactional data is preserved. They was focus on product quality and customers satisfied c. Product/service delivery. A.C. Gilbert had reputation in Toy products which Toys are designed by a small group of designers who develop the concepts for the products and go to the process of planning purchasing and manufacturing until Distribution Delivers packaged toys to the warehouse for storage in the last step. 2. Develop performance measures, assessment tools and techniques that you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of the supply chain, operational and product service delivery systems. Performance measures may include (if applicable) a. Lists of key result areas (KRAs) - Customer Satisfaction. - Service Level - Market share - Return on Investment b. Lists of key performance indicators (KPIs) - Customer Satisfaction & Retention - Number Of Customers - Profit increase - Employee Turnover Rate - Employee Satisfaction c. Performance review A.C. Gilbert had high performance at at the first time such with the reputation of product that popular but things went change when the culture changed, there was a drop in sales was also reflected in a fall in the share price of the company. Until Jack Wrather purchased 52% of A. C. Gilbert and he had done many action during that period such as Set a goal to achieve sales of $20 Page 1 of 4
BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement Assessment Task 1 million in 1963 but Sales and profits down and in 1966 Company made a loss of $12,872,000.00. or Initiated a massive advertising campaign. About the products; Introduced 50 new toy lines, raising the line to 307 and Introduced 50 new lines in less than 12 months, using existing engineers and production departments who lacked training and experience in the new product range in his first year but the company lost profit so on the next year there was decline in quality of toys - feedback indicated products poorly made and designed (dolls did not even come with a change of clothing) until reduced the price of core lines such as the Erector set from $75 to $20 but quality also impacted - cardboard box instead of metal boxes, and brittle parts instead of sturdy long-lasting parts and it became worse. In 1967, A. C. Gilbert closed its doors after 58 years. d. Service level agreement. The following Service Level Agreement (SLA) is for Sales assistance to reach to company service standard. This agreement shall be effect for 1 year until SLA renegotiate. Sales service performance, - Specify services to be provided as good service company. - Report sales as annual report - Planing document - 5% increase sales 3. Assuming your measures were implemented, evaluate their effectiveness using the data provided for up to 1966. Write an analysis on the variances from plans for the key result areas. Include discussion on performance with regards to: a. Quality - design/manufacturing The design of the product separate into 2 part as the toy product and the packaging. As Cultural changes had a huge impact in western toy markets. Barbie and Action Man became 'must have' toys. Girls moved away from baby dolls and cots and wanted dolls that were more grown up, modern and trendy and Packaging was bright and colourful in order to attract children growing up in a world of colour TV, hyper colour clothing and visual stimulation provided by the swinging sixties. This performance made customers satisfied with the product even the price were higher than the same market. b. Sales Looking at the performance report between 1961-1967, sales were frustrated during the period but the profit increased that mean the cost weren't stable enough, while the company focus on sales they should focus on cost as well. c. Profit Looking at the performance report between 1961-1967, the profit kept dropped over year by year and these are the reasons why company shut down itself. d. Supply chain performance (delivery) The delivery is Arrange for delivery of goods to purchaser using contract transport which contribute the product to the retailer. e. Business growth - Staff and management performance and/or turnover. The business growth decreased over the time period until the last year, in 1966, Company made a loss of $12,872,000.00. 4. What trends did AC Gillbert fail to identify in the late 1950s? Discuss the opportunities that were missed, including how AC Gillbert could have used this information to grow their business. Also, consider the strengths and weaknesses of the AC Gillbert Company prior to 1960 in the following areas: a. Market share - Review : Jack Wrather purchased 52% of A. C. Gilbert and this made him can make decision in in the business. Page 2 of 4
BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement Assessment Task 1 - Strengths : The decision is depend on only one person so that it will be quickly decision - Weakness : This make management team not in full power as the approval are depend on one person. b. Reputation - The company try to made reputation by invested on marketing such as advertisement - Strengths : The more reputation there more attractiveness. - Weak : If the negative reputation, this is going to be huge damage as well c. Stability - The business didn't has stability, as can be seen in strategy that had been change quickly year by year. - Strengths : Good to try alternative ways, which may be positive - Weakness : In order to start any strategy need to invest more money d. Profit - Sales may frustrated over the time period but the profits had decreased significantly. - Strengths : as the profits loss, there are no strengths. - Weakness : The loss of profit made the company closed e. Sales - Jack Wrather had set a goal to achieve sales of $20 million in 1963 but it didn't reach the target and it was frustrated over the time period. - Strengths : This mean some strategy were effectiveness as still had more sales over the year. - Weakness : The goal was set too much higher that it suppose to be. f. Ability to adapt to change - After 1961, the business didn't adjust themselves with the social change - Strengths : The company maintain the signature of the product. - Weakness : This make customer not satisfy. g. Customer service standards - customers service standard was not focus enough as the company hired many sales person employees but not mention on their experience and knowledgable of product. - Strengths : Many staff can serve customers quicker than few staff. - Weakness : The knowledge and experience is important to serve customer to satisfy. h. Innovation - The innovation was up on the change of social - Strengths : Make customers interested in the products. - Weakness : The change may not always satisfy customers. Some of them may like the old one than the new one. i. Employee performance - There were high employees turn over rate and most of staff didn't have enough knowledge in their field. - Strengths : the new employee will come up with the new ideas. - Weakness : staff with not enough knowledge are hardly to develop the company j. Production and manufacturing - The productions were make in manufacture but the engineer not the specialist. Sales are channelled through independent manufacturer 's reps, which was cheaper than maintaining an in-house sales force. Page 3 of 4
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