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ADDIE worksheet - HRMN 406 Cybersecurity Training Program 1. Analyze What is the learning need? The learning need connected to cybersecurity training is to create awareness of the cyber-attacks to the employees. The training is important to reduce the risks linked with cyber-attacks. Who are your learners? What are their backgrounds? What do they already know? The learners of the training are the employees. The employees background is diverse ranging from knowledge in finance, marketing and management. Employees are familiar with cyber-attacks but the training is to create awareness on the updated measures to reduce cyber-attacks. What do the learners need to know? Summarize the content of your training program. Cybersecurity training will help employees know data protection laws, lessening potential legal and financial liabilities linked with cyber-attacks. A well-trained workforce in the cybersecurity program can aid in preventing security occurrences that harm the company's reputation and wear away customer trust. Delivery/Resources/Timeline. What is the delivery method? What resources will you need? What is your timeline? The delivery method preferred on the training is a presentation and the sources needed are cybersecurity tools and software is important that computers are accessible during the training for effective understanding. The cybersecurity training will take less than two hours.
2. Design Outcomes. At the end of the training the learners will be able to: At the end of the training the learners will be able to know how to recognize threats such as cyber-attacks, data drudges, and phishing and the procedures for evaluating the risk level and acting to correct the situation. They will also know how to use anti- virus software. Instructional methods. Describe activities, how learners will engage with the material. The learners will have a close interaction with the speaker and answer questions when clarity is required. The instruction method to be used will be both learner and teacher centered to facilitate effectiveness. The learners will be close to their computers to facilitate better understanding.
3. Develop Assessment: What can the learners do/show/present/submit to show they have learned the content? What the learners can do to show that they have learned the content is to put into practice what they have learned. They can secure their social media platforms and implement the safety measure they have learned in the training to reduce cyber- attacks. This is where you will actually develop the material that goes into your course. Include at least: 1. Overview or introduction 2. Content of course 3. Assessment 4. Opportunity for learner feedback
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