AERO-6774-Scholarly Records

Scholarly Records AERO 6774 - Week 1 Professor Natalie Mitchell Submission Date: 18 November 2021 Grace Bennett Carter
Scholarly Records - AERO Week 1 Introduction For Scholarly Records You've always been proud of your husband. Although you and your sister have tried to hang out with your peers at recess, they mostly ignore you. He grins and thanks you, but he's already had three invitations to the Philharmonic, and it isn't his thing. Things get odd one lazy Sunday afternoon when a team of government officials informs you they need to excavate your backyard, something to do with decades-overdue cleanup from the Settlement Wars. This one has been predicted to be among the worst. You gasp, realizing that this man is a Dokkaebi, a Korean nature spirit. However, no matter how hard you try, you can't shake the feeling that you were meant for greatness. She smiles slightly as she introduces herself with a sultry voice. You're slowly getting ready for another school day, wishing you didn't have to. You are losing control of the plane as it's pulled forward, and you realize you won't be making any records. The windows and doors of your house are boarded up, but you can still hear the swarm outside as they try to find a way into your home to eat what is left of the world's vegetation. Two star-crossed lovers from warring planets fall in love on a peace- seeking mission that goes awry. They agree, knowing that you are their best chance for survival. The case is as typical as typical can get. Shocked, you welcome her into your inner life, explaining your experiments with trip frequencies, magnetic dissonance, and high- velocity particles. They cannot object. You climb the stairs to the top of the Spire and look through the bars. Your crew is a rowdy bunch, but loyal, and they know how to have a good time. Things become complicated as you don't want to be revered as a god or feared by your clan. The second phase occurs when planetary resources are exhausted and society must travel through space to gather additional resources. "There he is, my king. Within two weeks, your crops have been destroyed by blight, leaving your family without food or any means of income — that is, until a stranger rolls into town on his caravan. The only humans to survive are those who can fit into a small shelter built underground to withstand the heat, and you are part of this surviving group. You could go to prison for harboring the "unclean," but these goblins have become your family and your only true friends in an insane world. 1
Scholarly Records - AERO Week 1 Questions For Scholarly Records Instructions : She licks your face and nestles up against you. You two are not like the other kids, with their computers and gaming consoles. During your journey, the landscape starts changing in unexpected ways. Question 1 : Schelling's philosophy of identity. a. She says that not every kid can see her, which makes you feel rather special. b. You and your neighbor have been at odds for years over the state of his front yard. c. Together, you would be unstoppable. Question 2 : What was the most recent dream you can recall? a. Your wife has recently taken up a job as a pharmacist in your small town. b. You find technology that awes you and signs of a race far more similar to humanity than you expected. c. You are a dream walker and one of the last of your kind. Question 3 : Which US state is the birthplace of Muhammad Ali? a. But that information can be used to track down relatives who don't want to be found, particularly if they have committed crimes and left DNA in suspicious places. b. Your grandmother once told you that the rift back to the elven realm will open once more for those who seek it. c. From the looks of it — the dishes doing themselves in the sink, the dinner being magically prepared on the stove, a scarf knitting itself on the couch — she's an old witch who doesn't seem to need much help. 2
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