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Nov 5, 2023
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HR CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIC CHOICES AT DIGITAL DIVIDE DATA (DDD). 1 Written Assignment - 7 HR Challenges and Strategic Choices at Digital Divide Data (DDD) Department of Business, University of the People BUS 4403: Business Policy and Strategy Instructor: Professor Zachary Kerns October 24, 2023
HR CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIC CHOICES AT DIGITAL DIVIDE DATA (DDD). 2 HR Challenges and Strategic Choices at Digital Divide Data (DDD) Digital Divide Data (DDD), a nonprofit social enterprise based in Cambodia and Laos, has encountered several human resources (HR) challenges as follows - Current HR Challenges - Recruitment and retention are persistent challenges for DDD, spanning all employment levels, from entry-level positions to managerial roles (Mathew et al., 2009). The high demand for IT professionals in Cambodia and Laos intensifies the competition among companies, making employee retention a complex endeavor due to rival firms offering more competitive salaries. In parallel, DDD's commitment to fulfilling its mission relies heavily on the comprehensive development of human resources. This encompasses language proficiency, technical acumen, and soft skills like collaborative abilities and professional conduct, requiring a substantial dedication to employee growth. Business Goals and Strategic Choices - DDD is focused on expanding its operations on a global scale, all while upholding its important social mission. It aims to establish sustainable employment and educational opportunities for underprivileged youth in various regions. In order to achieve this goal, DDD needs to make strategic decisions regarding its growth. This includes considering options such as organic growth, partnerships, social franchising, or collaborations with international organizations (Mathew et al., 2009). Essential Skills for Entry-Level Staff - The rank-and-file employees at DDD necessitate a multifaceted skill set. They must exhibit technical proficiency, excelling in IT tasks such as data entry and digitization. Language skills are equally vital, with a necessity for English proficiency due to DDD's international client base. Soft skills are indispensable as well; effective communication, collaboration, and meticulousness are the cornerstones of professional success within the organization (Boucher, 2023)
HR CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIC CHOICES AT DIGITAL DIVIDE DATA (DDD). 3 Essential Skills for Management Staff - The management team at DDD demands a distinct skill set. Firstly, leadership capabilities are paramount, as they must exhibit robust leadership skills to adeptly steer teams and projects. Strategic planning is another imperative skill, involving the ability to make informed decisions and formulate growth strategies for the organization. Likewise cross-cultural competence is equally vital, necessitating a profound understanding of diverse cultures and global business practices, a particularly advantageous asset given DDD's footprint. Challenges in Hiring Management Personnel - Recruiting the requisite management staff poses a formidable challenge for DDD, given the intensely competitive landscape in Cambodia and Laos. The swift expansion of the IT sector has heightened the demand for skilled managers, further intensifying the job market competition. Financial constraints add another layer of complexity as DDD grapples with the challenge of attracting and retaining local managerial talent (Mathew et al., 2009). Moreover, the quest for ideal candidates extends beyond proficiency - DDD seeks individuals whose skills align seamlessly with their profound dedication to the organization's social mission, magnifying the intricacy of the recruitment process. HR Benefits of Joint Ventures - Embarking on a joint venture with an external organization yields an array of HR-related advantages. It grants access to local expertise, as partner organizations bring insightful knowledge about the local labor market, legal prerequisites, and established business practices (Hargrave, 2023). Moreover, these ventures promote resource sharing, providing essential financial and human resource support crucial for successful expansion. Joint ventures also play a pivotal role in addressing recruitment challenges, harnessing their local presence and expertise to provide valuable assistance in overcoming recruitment and management obstacles.
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