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BUS 610
Nov 5, 2023
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Running Head: CONFLICT IDENTIFICATION AND RESOLUTION Conflict Identification and Resolution BUS 610 - Organizational Behavior - Assignment 3 Instructor Shawna Wentlandt
CONFLICT IDENTIFICATION AND RESOLUTION 2 Conflict Identification and Resolution A division within an organization between employees or departments could be viewed as a conflict. Increased levels of conflict can occur in workplaces and the government, and it can be viewed as either or both constructive or destructive. It can be viewed as a good thing within an organization when it focuses on supporting the goals and objectives of the organization, and it should be empowered because of the enhancement it creates for the organization. Baack (2012) indicated that "interpreting conflict has taken different directions in the past few years. A perspective indicated that conflict comprises a negative power, and words for instance, violent, destructive, and angry are reflected at this point. As time elapsed, conflict started to be conceptualized as a continuum from gentle conflict to significant confrontations, yet with a negative underlying meaning. Conflict is likely to occur in the workplace weekly, and usually starts in a minor circumstance and heighten when addressed or challenged by others, at this point the conflict can escalate to a more emphatic or compromising situation. The focus of this paper is analyzing three potential conflict outcomes within an organization or team and the necessary steps to solve the conflict. Baack (2012) indicated that "conflict is characterized as a situation where one party adversely influences or focusing on influence another party in perceived and observable ways." Functional and dysfunctional conflicts are the two types of conflict that an organization usually have. Functional conflict can provide the organization with benefits by enhancing improvements or ensuring the employees are better engaged. Whereas dysfunctional conflicts are involved in destructive situations causing division among the employees and the departments of the organization. Organizational sources of conflict can occur in assignments of a group, multiple personalities of group members or the lack of communication. With the enhancement of migration and business globalization, workplaces in the future are likely to become increasingly
CONFLICT IDENTIFICATION AND RESOLUTION 3 culturally diverse (Chan & Goto, 2003). A diverse work environment can affect interpersonal conflicts, and if the lack of knowledge of the different diverse cultures, remarks and actions from others can cause conflict in an organization because the employees are likely to see such comments and actions in a negative manner. Currently, I am employed in the healthcare field that consist of eight employees, who work remotely and use Webex and Microsoft Teams as a method communicating. The team consist of five full-time employees and two contract employees. The contract employees joined the team with the focus of becoming full-time employees. The manager indicated to the full- time employees that the best candidate will be selected to fill the vacancy after the completion of the contract term is fulfilled. An employee from the Southern States was hired during May 2022, with experience which is necessary to complete the new role in the organization and hired hoping to gain the responsibility of task achievement to allow the manager to minimize her workload. Approximately three months after being hired, the new hire started learning and achieving tasks, so the team decided to add additional individuals to assist with minimizing the backlog. Another employee was hired during October 2022 with more experience than the previous employee. Also, more knowledge on successfully achieving tasks. Both employes work simultaneously as a team to assist with minimizing the backlog, and filling both positions allowed the organization to complete the tasks professionally and successfully. The employees appeared to have built an exceptional relationship while focusing on minimizing the backlog. Recently, discussed with both employees the importance of minimizing the backlog and answering questions regarding the backlog. While discussing the backlog, the negative tone of voice was noticed and the use of profanity was used when communicating using Webex during normal business hours, which caused conflict among the employees.
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