Hi Class, If I was starting my own small business, I would want to select a partner whose views would help my business succeed. While starting a business with an egoist might sound like a good idea, what if decisions that benefit them specifically end up contrasting with my own vision further down the road? Starting a business with an egoist might be the fastest way to get the business up and running but it also sounds like it could create a volatile future for the business. Considering altruists are out to benefit everyone but themselves, this doesn't seem like a healthy mentality for a partner in business to have. Building off of these things, I would lean towards choosing a utilitarian partner, as their mentality encourages them to make decisions that benefit everyone. While their decisions might not be the BEST decisions for the company itself, they wouldn't make any decisions that would harm myself or the company. I believe that this would lead to a more stable partnership, and a successful business venture. Thanks, Jeramy
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