1 Strategic Management Task 2: Marketing Plan Name of the Student Li Xingyue School ID 3040 October 2023
2 Marketing Plan Executive Summary In the rapidly changing retail world, success hinges on adaptation and innovation. Our carefully crafted strategic marketing plan positions us to navigate and capitalize on the challenges presented by Amazon Go's entry into the UK market. We are not only prepared to weather this wave of change but also determined to ride it, transforming obstacles into opportunities. Amazon Go, the innovative cashier-less shopping concept, presents both opportunities and challenges to our local retail ecosystem. Its convenient approach is undeniably attractive, yet it has also spurred traditional retailers to embrace innovation and transformation. This trajectory may ultimately reshape the shopping experience for consumers. Our main goal is to create a strong marketing strategy that not only protects our position but also drives us forward, enabling us to effectively compete in this transformed e- nvironment. This plan revolves around several essential components: conducting a thorough PESTLE analysis, evaluating Porter's Five Forces, performing a SWOT analysis, and analyzing stakeholders. By considering these elements, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Furthermore, our organization has set SMART strategic objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These objectives provide clear and actionable targets for us to focus on, ensuring that our efforts yield desired results effectively. This strategic marketing plan serves as a roadmap for our organization to not just adapt but thrive in the rapidly changing retail landscape. With Amazon Go's influence, it acts as a catalyst for our evolution and innovation while maintaining our integral position within the local community. Our priority is delivering products and services that align with the evolving preferences of our valued customers.
3 Introduction The presence of Amazon Go in the UK market marks a significant shift in the retail landscape, with palpable repercussions. Traditional retailers face challenges while also embracing new opportunities and innovation. This strategic marketing plan not only addresses the challenges posed by Amazon Go but also aims to capitalize on its potential. Amazon Go, a groundbreaking store concept that eliminates cashiers, is poised to disrupt the traditional retail model. By prioritizing convenience, efficiency, and customer-centricity, it threatens to reshape consumer habits and expectations. Traditional retailers must prepare themselves for the impact of this transformative approach. Yet, adversity often serves as a catalyst for growth and innovation. The entry of Amazon Go compels us to reevaluate our strategies, refine our approach, and adapt to a swiftly changing retail landscape. This strategic marketing plan is designed to provide a comprehensive roadmap for our organization, one that enables us to not only navigate the challenging terrain but also to thrive in this new environment. This strategic marketing plan explores the interplay between challenge and opportunity. It is our proactive response to Amazon Go's disruptive impact. Our goal is not only to adapt but to transform, harnessing the winds of change to propel our organization towards new horizons. The path ahead may be uncertain, but by understanding the underlying forces at play, we are better equipped to navigate this evolving retail landscape and emerge stronger and more resilient. Market Environment Analysis PESTLE Analysis In the ever-changing landscape of the UK retail market, external factors hold significant influence over business operations. To comprehend the intricate forces at play, a comprehensive PESTLE analysis becomes crucial. This analysis delves into the Political,
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