Written Assignment Unit 6

Written Assignment Unit 3 Nazmus Sakib University of people BUS-4403-01 Zachary Kerls (Instructor)
Introduction This paper will examine an ePlanet Ventures and Pakistan case study. How Asad Jamal made his strategic choices while thinking about potential activities in Pakistan and how he might make them into the next profitable development in his investment. I'll wrap up by providing a brief summary of the global development of my country. Strategic choices Avaialable They have a strategic choice in the vast and expanding market Pakistan offers. It is the sixth most populated country in the world, with few rivals and an expanding middle class. They can access a market in Pakistan that is both open and competitive. Because they will be able to hire a qualified trained workforce at a lower cost than other Asia countries with similar potential, the skilled workforce of graduates who study in English-medium universities at home is particularly alluring (Sabir et al., 2010). Advantages to Investing In Businesses Operating In Pakistan Doing business in Pakistan will provide them with an untapped market, which is one of its benefits. There is a market, but very few businesses offer the service that they ought to. Additionally, the nation offers a sizable market where they can grow their business. The nation already has infrastructure in place that may be leveraged to imitate the business model. The nation also has a talented and sizeable labor population that can consistently supply the business with skilled workers. The government is also working to reduce company regulations and put in
place investor-friendly policies. The political climate in the nation was also comparatively stable, which benefited the economy (Sabir et al., 2010). Disadvantages to Investing In Businesses Operating In Pakistan One of the drawbacks of doing business in Pakistan is the fact that no president has ever completed a full term in office. In addition, a dictatorship rules the nation. Even though the nation was at peace, it was still governed by a doctor, which might interfere with economic operations. Second, a lot of the companies are tiny, family-run operations, making it difficult to expand and broaden the scope. Cultural Dynamics Impact the Decision A cultural aspect that may affect the decisions is the fact that professional management is still relatively new to the nation. As a result, managing a business effectively will be challenging (Sabir et al., 2010). As a result, it puts foreign investors or enterprises in a difficult position since it would be difficult to introduce fresh money because locals weren't used to it. Every company that entered the area wanted to grow and take advantage of the rising middle class in the nation, but they had to be patient in their strategy. Political and Cultural Environment of my Home Country The cultural climate in Pakistan is somewhat similar to mine. The vast majority of enterprises in my nation are modest and family-run. My country has a very tiny population, hence there are no
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