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BUS 221
Nov 5, 2023
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Greetings Class, If you were starting a small business, would you prefer that your partner is a utilitarian, an altruist, or an egoist? Why? If I were to start a small business, I would prefer that my partner is an altruist because their focus tends to be on what is more beneficial for others and how they can make them happier, while obtaining any consequence that may arise. I would honestly prefer a partner who is focus on the positive outcome for the business and our customers with no negative feedback, however; given these three options, I felt I rather have my business advance based on positive feedback form by the customers, than negativity. I would believe my partner will always have the business's best interest to remain resourceful and successful. Some companies are forces to make difficult decision and unfortunately, they do not develop a team or partner to display problem solving skills that are effective for the company's stability due to their personal preference. Altruists are willing to make decision based on the positivity and success of the business and that is the kind of person I need to be able to depend on as an efficient partner of my business. As a partner of a small business, I deal with difficult decision-making process daily and because I hinder majority of the professional business knowledge my partner is forced to put her trust in me. However, I do my best to educate and provide a resourceful explanation to her to allow her to see the benefit of my solution. Overall, I believe having a partner whose focus is the happiest and success provide by the customers will always be effective in the future.
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