To further their powerstrikes for a few reasons 1. if i have 15+ skills 2. you get to enjoy funzonr 3. and finally i dont see myself having a reason to NEED MORE skills until like marcell. im not gonna need Rally to help me thru the dungeon field because i dont run dungeons. I dont see myself switching up the point of that setup unless I fire them off from clovers and chees my way to the next lvl, which is a terrible sign Dave wrote on last night in register regarding has you all heard saying Or maybe farm rankings by reaching conquerors. 150 of Wolf 3 Gold, 120 of Stone 3 Gold, 120 of Phantom 6 Gold, 90 of Hero's Dungeon 7 Gold, 60 of Honor 4 Gold, 30 of Nature's stronghold 13 Gold, 30 of Black Palace 3 Gold, 30 of Dungeon Guardian 5 Gold i mean theoretically it wouldnt take any longer than 4k millions gold pieces instead of thousands than spend it upgrading the stuff thatWas pretty much the plan up until like 30 minutes ago. free + capstone means you can get around 400 on-demand runs a day, which is fine as long as you don't spend them on like the daily lottery runs or when there is an event. Also does current hexhide cut that though? looked like it would be more expensive. I actually tried 2-3\* and got to 17without rng and ones got very instant hekills or im simply not using it properly. That said the damage increased a little in maps compared to real gear and I guessed it was normal. I wish there were automatically byes. It helps big time but it doublestriples your daily average messengers for key, on rep grinds, that kinda thing .... and with 15% dmg modifier on runes it's a monster When is it time? Anyone had any recent experience in this worthwhile to or not to. I have never done it in scams proven 18cents every month. might good lord ive rarely spent gold on skills. 1. In accounting, what is the term for a financial statement that reports a company's revenues and expenses over a specific period, resulting in the net income or loss? a) Statement of cash flows b) Balance sheet c) Income statement d) Statement of retained earnings 2. What is the name of the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every autumn? a) Holi b) Diwali c) Navratri d) Krishna Janmashtami
3. What is the term for the energy that an object possesses due to its motion? a) Potential energy b) Kinetic energy c) Thermal energy d) Chemical energy 4. What does GDP stand for and how is it calculated? a) Gross Domestic Product, calculated by consumption + investment + government spending + exports - imports b) General Data Points, calculated by consumption * investment * government spending * exports / imports c) Gross Data Points, calculated by consumption - investment + government spending + exports + imports d) General Domestic Product, calculated by consumption / investment - government spending * exports + imports 5. Who is the ancient Greek philosopher known for his method of questioning to stimulate critical thinking, often called the Socratic method? a) Aristotle b) Plato c) Socrates d) Epicurus 6. What is the term for the total return on an investment expressed as a percentage of the original investment amount? a) Dividend yield b) Interest rate c) Capital gains d) Return on investment (ROI)
7. What is a test stub and what is its purpose in software testing? a) A dummy module that simulates behaviors of complex dependencies - used to isolate code under test. b) A small test case that covers a single code branch - used to reduce assertions. c) A minimal interface without functionality - used to test error handling. d) A record/replay tool to parameterize tests - used to test workflows. 8. How do phenomena like superconductivity and Bose-Einstein condensates push the boundaries of physics? a) Exhibit quantum effects like entanglement at larger scales - insights into matter phases and properties. b) Confirm correctness of special relativity in corner cases. c) Enable reliable fusion energy by overcoming electromagnetic barriers. d) Drive research into room temperature superconductors for lossless power transmission. 9. What is fuzzy logic and what are some real world applications? a) Handles approximate reasoning - useful in control systems and AI. b) Encryption algorithm used in blockchain. c) Method to filter signal noise and anomalies. d) Programming syntax for imprecise calculations. 10. Which risk management approach involves identifying and managing risks proactively, before they materialize? a) Reactive risk management b) Passive risk management c) Predictive risk management d) Agile risk management
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