BMED-7936-Study Briefings

Study Briefings BMED 7936 - Week 5 Dr. Michael Jackson Submission Date: 13 April 2015 Benjamin Adams Shay
Study Briefings - BMED Week 5 Introduction For Study Briefings He tells you his master would like to meet you. But you know it is not your fault. Please put on a hard hat, located on the hooks to your left, and follow me into the auxiliary room." You strap on an orange hard hat and enter a large space filled with crisscrossing pipes that extend as far as the eye can see. A few hours later, you are awakened by the ground shaking. You agree, thinking nothing of it and assuming it's like any other delivery the store gets. Your dog was watching your husband as he was vigorously scrubbing his shirt. Since you were children, your best friend Anne has had dreams of becoming more powerful than her father and uncle, and you knew that, as she rose, she would take you with her. But the first morning you entered the shop after he passed, it felt strange. A powerful explosion of air and smoke erupts from the box, shattering the nearby windows. As the pumpkin is carted away to its new home, you see the stranger in the crowd, a stern expression on her face. Each time the process has been the same: Time seems to slow down, your body begins to freeze, and your mind becomes quick as lightning as you study the situation. Instead of the old lady who usually teaches your class, there is a young and beautiful substitute teacher with auburn red hair. Closing your eyes, you take a dead mouse from your pocket, cup it in your hands, and begin to chant, causing ire amongst the Mongolian court. You quickly investigate, finding a small band of survivors who have managed to divert supplies and energy to one sealed section of the ring. You are a nurse who works at a rural hospital in an Appalachian Mountain town. Complete domination of Earth happened relatively quickly. When healed, the gentle beast rises and lowers its glowing horn to you. It's also stressful, burdensome, and depressing, yet you genuinely care about the couples and they respond to you. One night, you notice the lights in the homes are on. She is completely drenched from the storm, but that only seems to intensify her incredible beauty. You've spent the last 12 years as a long- distance merchant, cargo serviceman, and—in bad times—smuggler. You hate your manager, and you hate working at Burger Hut, but most of all you hate the smell of French fries cooking in a rancid vat of oil. The sleepiest one erupts at least once a week, and the others range from once an hour to a constant flow of magma. As you got older, you feared that people would find you odd if you said you could talk to dogs, so you only ever communicated with the canines when you were alone. 1
Study Briefings - BMED Week 5 Questions For Study Briefings Instructions : All of the characters are just staring at you, saying nothing and doing nothing. You take a last look at what is left of the dying Earth and then shut the bunker door as your group descends into it. You see a bright light coming from one of the crates in the back of the store. Question 1 : What is the stupidest thing somebody has ever argued with you about? a. When it's your turn to run the market stall, you set out your measly collection of potatoes and misshapen carrots, not expecting much. b. While wandering in the woods trying to find your way back, you suddenly hear the faint but unmistakable sound of video game music. c. Recently, management decided to accept magical pets alongside their typical menagerie of cats, dogs, and guinea pigs. Question 2 : Aristotle's concept of hyle against Plato's eidos. a. You vow that you will get back to the world of the living, no matter what it takes. b. You've always been attracted to bad boys — guys in leather jackets with tattoo sleeves and piercings decorating their bodies. c. You close your eyes and shake it off. Question 3 : How much trust do you have in humanity? a. People call you a gold digger, but you think of yourself as more of an entrepreneur. b. You are one of the surface-dwelling entrepreneurs who have finally developed effective methods for cleaning up centuries of waste, and are fighting against others who are intending to trap the ultra-wealthy underground until they die in their own filth. c. She needs to protect her people. 2
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