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Study Investigations FAE 4086 - Week 13 Dr. Timothy Scot Submission Date: 17 December 2019 Charlote King Dorothy
Study Investigations - FAE Week 13 Introduction For Study Investigations You have ruled there ever since. You continue searching until reaching a glowing river, across which you can see your brother being dragged ashore by the dark goddess. When you open it, a group of superheroes waves you in. You're sitting beneath an ancient tree whose trunk is so wide you cannot reach around it. In reality, countless travelers were harmed or even murdered by your hand. You gasp. However, one particular young man bore a striking resemblance to you. A man walks in and asks, "Are you CaptainCrypto2817?" You suddenly realize why you are there. Sure, your great grandfather was an oil tycoon and your grandfather was a real estate tycoon and your father was an internet tycoon, but how they became so successful in their respective careers never really dawned on you until recently. Your mother, a librarian, takes you to work with her each day in the summertime. In the middle of the night, you awake to find a real unicorn curiously staring down at you. You rummage through your personal library, then travel to the imperial archives to research further. You help her and make an unlikely—and forbidden—friend. When a scruffy-jawed man with thick boots and violet eyes enters the café, the old woman nearly drops her coffee pot. However, with the wedding approaching in just a few weeks, you feel like you have no choice. Through trial and error and your parents' guidance, you learn how to become a responsible pet owner. It was simply a projection of some sort emanating from a single structure in the distance. While conducting your last tasks for NASA, you discover a giant asteroid that is on a trajectory to hit the Earth in about 80 years and that is much too large to stop. Meanwhile, the neighbor believes that one of your kids is tearing up his yard. You look in the mirror to find that your face is now twitching. Soon thereafter, you are captured and brought to the court of the Desert Magus, an ancient warlock with immeasurable power who reveals that he has been the one reshaping the West to his will—and he intends to continue. You do as instructed and, in a gigantic poof of pink smoke, a man appears in your living room, standing inside the circle. Your family has told you to avoid the woman who lives there at all costs. Straining to hear, you make it out to be a male voice, calling for help. 1
Study Investigations - FAE Week 13 Questions For Study Investigations Instructions : All you know is that no one has ever stopped the hunt. You work mostly with wealthy clients who have 9-5 office jobs, and you have walked everything from Pomeranians to Great Danes. There's always some hotshot who thinks he can take on the Three Little Pigs. Question 1 : What is the most extreme overreaction you've ever witnessed? a. You desperately wish you could do more than watch, but you can only sit there, an observer, as if watching through a dream. b. You flee into the woods, jumping over branches and rocks, to find a place to hide. c. Knowing that daylight is only a few hours away, you and your friend have to find a way to send these clumsy magical horses back to their world before the headmaster wakes up. Question 2 : What is the most significant aspect of your school/work environment to you? a. All at once everything freezes. b. NASA claims they can control where it opens. c. Then one day you receive a letter in the mail, the words spelled out with letters cut out from magazines. Question 3 : What invention hasn't gotten much attention but has significantly improved the world? a. Genetic engineering is commonplace and you live in a time when parents request specific genetic requirements for their children—color of eyes, level of intelligence, strength, height, build, gender, etc. b. You even helped your master defend the village when the undead invaded your province. c. Strange.... 2
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