BUSS 100- Week 7.5 Reflection

BUSS 100- Business Principles Week 7.5- Reflection One topic that I found very interesting was the lecture on business structures in week three. I found this interesting because I would love to open my own business, and I had no idea about any of the structure of business. Now I know after reading that lecture, that if I were to open a business, I would create it by using the sole proprietorship business structure or a partnership structure, but only with one other person, The most challenging topic for me throughout this course, was the week seven lecture on business plans. In week sevens lecture I found it challenging, because there was a lot of information and the terms seemed as they were the same definition expect just with a different name. Therefore I hav to dig deep into the lecture and research other websites and lectures to get a better understanding of how to create a business plan. Before entering this course, I had no understanding of any business material, how to create a business, the working parts of a business, how to find investors or making a business plan. I knew nothing, and I feel like I know so much more now and I feel more comfortable making decisions based on creating a business, building a team, making a business plan and researching for investors.
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