BSBLDR523 Assessment1

BSB50620 Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships Assessment 1: Presentation Name: Student ID: You must submit: 1. Submit a communications planning portfolio that includes: A communications and consultation strategy A short conflict management procedure, including feedback form Draft email/memo 2. Deliver a 10-15-minute presentation on your proposed communications strategy, including discussion, approval and sign-off for release. ( Your presentation could be a PowerPoint) Procedure Part A: Communications planning portfolio Communications objectives Given the company's previous history of employee grievances over pay and conditions and current plans to restructure, JKL Industries has identified poor communications and an organisational climate of conflict as a risk to business goals. Moving forward, the organisation intends to build and maintain a positive organisational culture, reduce risk and achieve organisational goals through: developing an effective policy framework for managing internal communications and consultation, in accordance with organisational objectives, business ethics, and compliance requirements communicating and building support for organisational intiatives and objectives managing information flow to: provide managers and employees with at-hand information to perform their work responsibilities communicate ideas for improvement (lop-down and bottom-up)
Audience: Senior management Expresses the goals and methods of an organization's outreach activities, including what an organization wishes to share with the employee and whom the organization is trying to reach. work teams Staff survey- every organization needs their survey action planning to be driven from the bottom up. Gathering information for the best purpose of the organization. Methods of communication or media Meeting - give people multiple opportunities to share concerns, ask questions, and offer ideas, and make following up with answers and updates a top priority. Email Conversations and Communication - Email can be used to communicate quickly with one or thousands of individuals in a variety of locations and offers flexibility, convenience and low-cost. It also provides an opportunity to hold a private conversation in a bustling or crowded office. Provisions to facilitate bottom-up communication or consultation Stage 1 - statement of grievance If the employee feels that the matter has not been resolved through informal discussions, they should put your grievance in writing to an immediate supervisor. Stage 2 - the grievance meeting Within [number of days] working days the supervisor will respond, in writing, to the statement, inviting the employee to attend a meeting where the alleged grievance can be discussed. This meeting should be scheduled to take place as soon as possible and normally 5 working days' notice of this meeting will be provided to the employee and they will be informed of their right to be accompanied. Employees must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting, but if for any unforeseen reason the employee, or the employer, can't attend, the meeting must be rearranged. Should an employee's companion be unable to attend then the employee must make contact within [number of days] days of the date of the letter to arrange an alternative date that falls within days of the original date provided. These time limits may be extended by mutual agreement. After the meeting the supervisor hearing the grievance must write to the employee informing them of any decision or action and offering them the right of appeal. This letter should be sent within working days of the grievance meeting and should include the details on how to appeal. Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity policy The purpose of this policy is to underscore the organisation's commitment to the fair treatment of all personnel and customers. Provide feedback on consultation
The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors and is located in the Sydney office of the company, along with the Operations Manager, Human Resources Department and the Finance and Management Team. The HR Manager reports with the Operations Manager and heads up the Human Resources Center of Excellence. Recruitment, Learning and Development, and Employee Relations and Services. On each state-based website, there are branch offices consisting of office buildings, warehouses, service departments and sales offices. Human Resources Officer (Business partners) report to both the human resources manager at the head office and their managers in the branch. Grievance procedure Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to underscore the organisation's commitment to the elimination of all forms of bullying and harassment in the workplace. All employees have the right to conduct their work within a fair, supportive, high performance environment. Scope: The organization's internal management review has uncovered many serious problems that lead to internal and external defenses, strategic building relationships, as well as results in poor general perception in corporate goals, values and ethics. Responsibilities as a: a. Management Entrusted with a leadership role, a manager is responsible for overseeing a department or group of employees within a specific organisation or company. Managers are utilised in every sector, and the business model relies on their leadership and ability to operationalise the management structure. Working as a manager is an accomplishment because it reveals a professional's ability to successfully lead, oversee multiple business operations, manage stress, and effectively communicate with coworkers. b. Employees Persons with concerns and grievances Their role is to explain the basis for their grievances. This may involve decisions made or not taken which they believe are fair or behavior they are experiencing from colleagues. They should also be clear in the resolution that asks for the basis for this and how it might be done. Implementation and review: Phase One While the majority of the implementation tasks in Phase One will commence after the start-up period ends, some activities may reasonably begin while start-up tasks
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