ASTR-7402-Study Portfolios

Study Portfolios ASTR 7402 - Week 1 Professor Cynthia Brown Submission Date: 28 April 2012 Grace Scott Elliot
Study Portfolios - ASTR Week 1 Introduction For Study Portfolios The next morning, you go into your brother's room to find that he has been trapped inside a mirror himself. The remaining party investigates further and eventually uncovers a group of sorcerers merging animals and people together in ungodly ways. Suddenly, people who made fun of you are coming up to you, are interested in what you've been up to since graduation, and are apologizing to you for how they treated you during high school. There have been hushed reports of police raids among bar goers, but you and your patrons know for certain that your establishment is safe from law enforcement. One night, you awake in a cold sweat and are terrified to find the shadowy figure standing right where you envisioned him. You thank her for the weapon and return to the king's palace. It tugs at your leg, gesturing to the nearby woods. "No... Never. Although you've loved him since you were a teenager, he only sees you as his charge—his duty, nothing more. You quickly turn off the robot, but you know this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is only enough food in the shelter to keep the rest of you alive for a year, so you do what you can to stretch out your rations. It rises out of the water and you realize that this horse is a Nix, a beautiful but dangerous creature of Nordic myth that lures people to their doom by enticing them to ride it and subsequently drowning them. Your faith, and that of your ancestors, is different so you must practice in secret to avoid imprisonment. However, after a few hundred years of traveling through the galaxy, the latest generation of the crew understands how truly foolish those dreams really were. You fear that if you don't find a way to reverse these effects soon, you may have to live underwater forever. You are a necromantic conjurer who can turn the dead into whatever you wish, including soldiers. He tells you that his work has carried over into the summer, so you'll be travelling up to Maine for a while. In a world without limits where humans are free to pursue new lives on distant planets, some have created their own versions of utopia— planetary societies comprised of all women, all vegetarians, all gun enthusiasts, all anti- vaxxers, or whatever other ideals they hold dear. She met her current boyfriend through it and, according to her, he's perfect. There isn't much to do anyhow, so you spend most of your time reading in the local diner. Trapped with this device, you spend your days spinning a wheel that can only be turned by magic. One day while working, you notice an extra figure in one of the murals. For some, this is a form of entertainment; for others, it becomes a lifelong obsession. You have no time to think. 1
Study Portfolios - ASTR Week 1 Questions For Study Portfolios Instructions : One day you hear that your king is searching for knights to fight against the invading horde from the shadowlands and is holding a contest to find the bravest and strongest warriors in the kingdom. The patient has been shot, and his heart needs to be rebuilt as only magic can accomplish. Yours is a classic freighter: run-down and slow, with cramped accommodations and a general lack of charm. Question 1 : What characterised Aquinas' and Augustine's conception of the human soul? a. You disregard the odd statement and decide to visit the address listed. b. But little could be further from the truth. c. A strategy to induce an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars involves building a dome on the surface of the planet, initially importing certain gases from Earth, and using technology to increase the percentage of other gases from outside the dome. Question 2 : This year's Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture went to this 2021 film? a. One restless night, you decide to pay her a visit at work. b. You want power and to use your magic whenever and wherever you choose. c. The sun has just set, and the off-and-on rain has now turned into a full-on storm right as hordes of people have taken to the streets to head home from a hard day's work. Question 3 : What outfit could you put together from your own clothes that would elicit the greatest laughter? a. You get mostly C's and sometimes even D's, no matter how much you study and prepare for exams and in-class essays. b. Your parents opted for no genetic engineering and birthed you naturally, but your peers are all children of parents who manipulated their genetics. c. Curious, you swim through it and end up in a cave beneath the lighthouse. 2
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