Module 2 Assignment

1 CMNS 453 Module 2 Assignment: Implications of Mobile Applications Student Name: Yiyang Liu Student Number: 301386762
2 Implications of Mobile Applications Summary Discord is a social media and mobile youth culture application that forms an easy way to talk over text, video, and voice. Stan and Jason developed it in 2015. People around the globe cherished the app because it made it easier to genuinely chat with friends and stay in touch through discord communities. Within the first three months of its introduction, Discord had gained more than 3 million users. In 2016, Discord had roughly 25 million users; by 2017, the number grew to above 90 million, with about 1.5 million new downloads per week (Kiene, Jiang, & Hill, 2019). Today, Discord is widely used everywhere, including in art communities, study groups, school clubs, and hiking clubs. In 2022, Discord will have more than 150 million monthly users, 19 million daily activities, and about 4 billion daily active minutes. It is rated 4.5 stars on Google out of 4.48 million reviews (Arifianto & Izzudin, 2021). It has more than 100 million downloads on PlayStore. Countries where discord is particularly popular include USA (30.3%), Canada (5.3%), UK (4.4%), Germany (4.0%), and France (3.4%). Discord observed that although its servers are mainly targeted for game-related interactions, the bulk of non- gaming activities such as fantasy football, stock trading, cryptocurrency, and other interest groups was growing. However, the app has been criticized for cyberbullying on some occasions. The app has faced problems with abusive chats and hostile behaviour. Such activities include controversial issues related to politics, race, religion, and ethnicity. The app has also been a host to extremist users because of pseudonymity provided by Discord. In 2017, CEO Jason Citron briefed that Discord was aware of the presence of extremist groups and would take action without exposing their names. It is stated that it has issues with the sexual exploitation of minors and young teens
3 on its platform. Discord's guidelines were modified in July 2018 to prohibit pornography with minors. Following that, other Discord users rebuked the moderation team for selectively permitting "cub" stuff, or underage erotic furry artwork, in their revised guidelines. Affordances Discord is a cross-platform text, voice, and video chat application with users systemized into communities named "servers". Discord was initially designed for gaming communities but became a general chat application with time. Most of the servers within the platform are for gaming and range from large communities with thousands of members to smaller groups with a few individuals. Discord has an inbuilt feature that enables server initiators to define different permissions ranging from admin, member, and moderator. Moderators can use a developer portal to interact with Discord's public API and invite bots to the respective server. Figure 1 shows an example of Discord's server community.
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