Biomedic of natural disaster (16)

Page 1 BMED: Infomation Question 1: In quot;Highschool of the Deadquot;, where did Komuro and Saeko establish to meet after the bus explosion? a. a. Komuro039;s House b. On The Main Bridge c. The Center Mall d. !Eastern Police Station Question 2: When was Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany? a. a. February 27, 1933 b. !January 30, 1933 c. September 1, 1939 d. October 6, 1939 Question 3: Who wrote the lyrics for Leonard Bernstein039;s 1957 Brodway musical West Side Story? a. a. Himself b. !Stephen Sondheim c. Richard Rodgers d. Oscar Hammerstein Question 4: Which product did Nokia, the telecommunications company, originally sell? a. a. Phones b. Computers c. Processors d. !Paper Question 5: What is the stage name of New Zealand singer Phillipa quot;Pipquot; Brown? a. a. Lorde b. !Ladyhawke c. Kesha d. Anika Moa Question 6: If someone said quot;you are olidquot;, what would they mean? a. a. You are out of shapeweak. b. You are incomprehensiblean idiot. c. Your appearance is repulsive. d. !You smell extremely unpleasant. Question 7: Which of these Generation 1 Pokemon did NOT have an evolution in Generation 4? a. a. Magmar b. !Jynx c. Electabuzz d. Rhydon Question 8: Which scientific unit is named after an Italian nobleman? a. a. Hertz b. Ohm c. Pascal d. !Volt Question 9: How many notes are there on a standard grand piano? a. a. 78 b. 98 c. !88
Page 2 d. 108 Question 10: Which major extinction event was caused by an asteroid collision and eliminated the majority of nonavian dinosaurs? a. a. Triassicndash;Jurassic b. !CretaceousPaleogene c. Ordovicianndash;Silurian d. Permianndash;Triassic Question 1: Who recorded the 1975 album 039;Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy039;? a. a. Joe Cocker b. Billy Joel c. !Elton John d. John Denver Question 2: Sciophobia is the fear of what? a. a. Transportation b. Eating c. !Shadows d. Bright lights Question 3: Which one of these chassis codes are used by BMW 3series? a. a. F10 b. !E46 c. E85 d. E39 Question 4: In Norse mythology, what is the name of the serpent which eats the roots of the ash tree Yggdrasil? a. a. Odin b. Ymir c. !Nidhogg d. Bragi Question 5: How tall is Tom Cruise? a. a. 5prime; 9Prime; b. !5prime; 7Prime; c. 5prime; 5Prime; d. 5prime; 4Prime; Question 6: Which of the following United States Presidents served the shortest term in office? a. a. Warren G. Harding b. Zachary Taylor c. !William Henry Harrison d. James A. Garfield Question 7: How many paint and pastel versions of quot;The Screamquot; is Norwegian painter Edvard Munch believed to have produced? a. a. 2 b. 3 c. !4 d. 1 Question 8: What is the species of the quot;Predatorquot; in the 1987 movie quot;Predatorquot;? a. a. Praetorian b. Phocrex
Page 3 c. !Yautja d. Xenomorph Question 9: In which classic novel by Mark Twain did a beggar and Prince of Wales switch clothes, and learn about social class inequality? a. a. A Modern Twain Story b. Wealthy Boy and the Schmuck c. Hamlet d. !The Prince and the Pauper Question 10: Who was the Director of the 1988 Anime film quot;Grave of the Firefliesquot;? a. a. Hayao Miyazaki b. Satoshi Kon c. Sunao Katabuchi d. !Isao Takahata Question 1: How many objects are equivalent to one mole? a. a. !6.022 x 1023 b. 6.002 x 1022 c. 6.022 x 1022 d. 6.002 x 1023 Question 2: Folic acid is the synthetic form of which vitamin? a. a. Vitamin D b. Vitamin C c. Vitamin A d. !Vitamin B Question 3: How many total monsters appear in Monster Hunter Generations? a. a. 98 b. 73 c. 100 d. !105 Question 4: What is Canada039;s largest island? a. a. !Baffin Island b. Vancouver Island c. Newfoundland d. Prince Edward Island Question 5: What was the aim of the quot;Umbrella Revolutionquot; in Hong Kong in 2014? a. a. !Genuine universal suffrage b. Gaining Independence c. Go back under British Rule d. Lower taxes Question 6: Nephelococcygia is the practice of doing what? a. a. Swimming in freezing water b. Breaking glass with your voice c. Sleeping with your eyes open d. !Finding shapes in clouds Question 7: Where is Apple Inc. headquartered? a. a. Redwood City, California b. Redmond, Washington c. Santa Monica, CA
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