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Oct 31, 2023
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1 Discussion Post Unit 1 "Americans have switched from Detroit Big Three vehicles to Honda and Toyota vehicles not for visual design features but for durability, reliability, good fuel consumption, and low full cost of operation. Detroit needs to offer five-passenger, 35-mile-per-gallon vehicles with 100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranties over 10 years of ownership to cause satisfied Honda and Toyota buyers to switch" Bloomberg Businessweek, 2007, p. 1). What is implied about what drives quality in these comments? The statement above states that Americans want a reliable, durable, fuel-efficient, and cost- effective car with an exceptional warranty. This statement implies that aesthetics does not mean quality. Because something looks nice or "cool" does not mean you are getting your money's worth. A product must be made to hold up to the test of time and, in this case, daily use (especially on Michigan roads which are rather dismal). Do customers have unrealistic expectations, or are they demanding their rights? Customers are demanding their rights, whether talking about reliable, durable, fuel-efficient and cost-effective cars with exceptional warranties or household appliances. As a consumer, I research products in hopes of purchasing the best-made product, whatever it may be. I know I work hard for the money I earn, and I want to know I am getting my money's worth when I buy a product. In the case of some products, it is also about safety when using the product. I would hope in the statement above that "durability" not only means that it holds up over time but that it holds up in an accident.
2 What does this demand for quality drive innovation? It is not enough to have the coolest, nicest, best-looking product on the market if it is not a good quality product. From a consumer's point of view, I would hope most, if not all, manufacturers of products and those that offer a service and/or product do so with quality in mind. This means that the quality of any product needs to drive the innovation of these products. Our text quality management talks about the concept of "Product-Out" when a company does not consider the consumers' wants and needs. It goes on to say that companies (often designers in companies) assume that consumers do not know what they want (Knowles, 2011). Set aside the arrogancy of this comment, I am sure that as a consumer, they know what they want, so why wouldn't laymen(women) like me know what I want? Without quality products or services, a company is doomed to fail. References Bloomberg Businessweek. (2007, July 28). What drives consumers >not< to buy gm cars [PDF]. GM Inside News Forum. https://my.uopeople.edu/pluginfile.php/1600052/mod_book/chapter/358682/ConsumersG MCars%20%281%29.pdf Knowles, G. (2011). Quality Management . London, UK: Ventus Publishing ApS; Bookboon. https://my.uopeople.edu/mod/page/view.php?id=307247
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