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May 17, 2023
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The Daily Covid-19 News ______________________________________________ _ www.TheDailyCovid-19News.com 1/28/2021 ____________________________________________________________________________ How to protect essential workers during covid-19 COVID-19 is a global virus that has been declared as a pandemic in march 2020, This virus is a contagious virus that has been spread around the world, the coronavirus was originally spread from Wuhan,China. Lot of people lost their lives because of this virus, This concludes people from all over the world including essential workers. Losing essential workers isn't good, they help people survive either if it's from covid or from fire or even a crime. Many essential workers are willing to give up their life to save someone else's. We need to protect our essential workers like they protect us. Some ideas on how to protect essential workers during this pandemic are to get the vaccine, take precautions while working, and stay home if they have the virus. We have been losing lot of people because of this pandemic, but luckily some have recovered from covid-19. The following paragraph will explain how to protect essential workers during coronavirus, itt also includes links to websites where you can learn more about it. The websites that are included provide a lot of information that will answer your questions you might have. Essential workers can protect themselves during this pandemic by taking the covid-19 vaccine. The covid-19 vaccine came out a few months ago. We suggest getting the vaccine before working because it will save you from the virus or getting it from another person. The vaccine has a different effect on each person. It might give you fever or coughing but it will go away eventually. Vaccine is a cure to coronavirus that scientists have been working on for many months since the outbreak has started. To learn more about the coronavirus vaccine, take a look at this website- https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/vaccine-benefits.html . It's very important to take precautions while working, for example social distancing for 6 feet and wearing masks and gloves. Masks can protect us from inhaling the virus. Gloves help us because it preserves germs from objects such as food and furniture. Social distancing is also very important because it's a shield so if a person without a mask sneezes without covering their mouth, the germs won't touch you from 6 feet. It's also important to carry around a hand sanitizer that you can use after wearing gloves or touching something without protection. If you would like to learn more about taking
precatuion and how to take precaution visit- https://www.hackensackmeridianhealth.org/HealthU/2020/04/26/what-essential-workers -can-do-to-stay-safe-during-covid-19/ . It's important to stay home if you feel like you have the virus until getting tested. When staying home you will heal faster because at home you're safe from all the germs that are outside. Staying home will help to end the spread of the virus because outside you might sneeze or cough and the germs will be transferred to another person, when they inhale the germs,a virus will try entering their immune system, if the immune system can't fight the virus you will be contagious. If you want to read about this topic visit- https://www.cdc.gov/flu/business/stay-home-when-sick.htm . Covid-19 has been spread very easily, this is because people don't take precaution, or vaccine when needed or stay home while having a virus. It's important to do all these things to help prevent getting this virus that has started about a year ago. All these tips on protecting the essential workers are very helpful. Taking precaution is very important to both essential workers and people in this world, many people are taking precaution but some don't. It is important to take precaution at all times to avoid the virus from being spread.
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