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Career Path 1 Career Path Do Young Daniel Kim Westcliff University Prof. Tanyetta White INT 501 GH June 26, 2022 Sales I am currently doing an internship at Wholesale Fashion Square. It is a wholesale company that produces its own production line and sells other items such as jewelry, hats, bags, etc. When I first started this internship, I was an E-Commerce Assistant. In the beginning, I had a tough time because my mentor left, and I had to learn many things independently. This was of course, a difficult situation but I was able to learn a lot through this experience. Currently, I still do E-commerce, but a lot of my time is spent on sales.
Career Path 2 When my bosses allowed me to help out in the sales team, I took it just because I knew having more experience would help me in the future. I never realized how sales was not an easy task, and I should have prepared myself when I got into it. When I joined the team, my boss wanted me to become the Trade Show Center team manager. This responsibility was big, and I was uncomfortable doing it at the beginning. My tasks involved: Trying to figure out what our customers want or like Trying to build a one-on-one relationship with with the customers Emailing customers to check up if there were any issues with their orders Working with the production team to make sure all production samples are made Talking with the team after the show to see which products sold well, updates on what customers want, etc. During the times we would go to the Trade Shows, my boss Eunice would be working with me very closely, teaching me the ways, so I could soon start managing the team. She would begin to explain what the show is about, the necessary things to prepare for the show, what to do etc. During this time, I didn't think too much about it, I would take orders from customers who came in to buy, but I never really tried to have a conversation with them trying to learn what they want or even try to build a relationship with them. After going to five shows, I realized that many of the customers who come back to the show are regular customers. I then noticed that during my time at the show, I had to put in the effort and try to build a relationship with them. According to Verizon, the person-to-person connection is critical to gain loyal customers. It also said that 71% of people buy based on trust and believability. Having the time to talk with customers, I have been told that there were a lot of missing items, some items never arrived, etc. I tried to help them the best I could, and I noticed that the customers were very appreciative that I was trying to
Career Path 3 help them with the issue. Down Side Due to the recession, the company has been struggling, and it came to the point where they had to lay off a lot of employees. I was able to observe how this affected the whole company's mood. It all started by laying off one of the longest-working employee. Her being laid off, affected the entire working environment where people were sad, and the vibe was very quiet, negative, gloomy, and dark. They soon started to lay off more employees, and now the working environment has changed negatively. After all this, I have noticed that everyone at work is now more moody, they put in less effort than before, and employees now complain more. I believe that if the company owners had handled this situation differently, the outcome could have been different. When all of this was happening, from what I know, they were just laying employees off; they didn't explain the situation to any one; sometimes the bosses would leave early, and sometimes they wouldn't even come. In my opinion, if they were more honest and truthful to their employees and showed more effort in trying to fix the situation, I think the environment would have been better than it is now. Honesty in the workplace builds trust and according to Frost, most employees appreciate transparency from the company even if the news is negative. Employees would rather know that the company is struggling than be kept a secret. Eye Opener Seeing the downside of a company where they were in a situation where they had to lay
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