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Apr 3, 2023
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Daniela Nicho April 3, y Discussion Board 25 Embryonic stem cell is reserved from the combination of the sperm and egg which produce an embryo. The life of an unborn child needs to be sacrificed in order to even have an embryonic stem cell. Therefore, any treatment option with the intention to use embryonic stem cell gives up the life of an unborn child to have studied this treatment option. With that being said I would not use a vaccine the is made of embryonic stem cells. Although having an embryo is the fist stage of life, it is still a life that deserves to flourish. The amount of unborn children that would be sacrificed to experiment this type of study is very un- ethical. Vaccines have been a great scientific and pharmaceutical advancement that can save nu- merous lives from previous and new viruses or diseases. However, all vaccines are experimental and come at a cost. To continue, in order to develop such a vaccine that is made of embryonic stem cells every indi- vidual needs to sacrifice a life to save their own which is selfish. Not to mention, all vaccines have an expiration date and if the vaccine expires a life would have been sacrificed with no pur- pose. There are multiple reasons why any experiment or new discoveries involving embryonic stem cells are wrong. Overall, the fact that someone is murdering numerous children for these experiments is the real reason why I would not use a vaccine made of embryonic stem cells. DISCUSSION BOARD 25 1
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