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Jul 9, 2023
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* uvuvvvv´µµµµy±*´µµµµy VVWVuvuvvvvI ::;;;884 8/4±±± Notes will be taken in Google Classroom and checked periodically. Any classwork, homework, or projects will be given a specific due date. Exit tickets and/or lesson quizzes will also be used to quickly assess understanding. *)65987,+ +*,+7*)80/680/6554 The science text/workbooks that we are using this year are from Savvas Realize. We will cover the following topics: )XL .-VEHI 32MJI 7GMIRGIW Molecules to Organisms-Structure, Functions, & Processes Matter and Energy in Organisms & Ecosystems Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms Natural Selection and Adaptations STEM Process *XL .-VEHI 6LƅWMGEP 7GMIRGIW Forces and Interaction Energy Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation Structure and Properties of Matter Chemical Reactions STEM Process "9 ¦¥¦¦¦¦j9«¬¬¬¬p¢¡¢¢¢¢f uvuvvvv«¬¬¬¬pVVWV"klkll9 Be prepared with class materials each day. Follow class rules and procedures, and GA codes of conduct. "9 ¦¥¦¦¦¦j9«¬¬¬¬p¢¡¢¢¢¢f9*´µµµµyIº»»»»klkll Respect God, yourself, your peers, your teacher, and class supplies. Respect is the foundation of this classroom! 0 ØØØ؜ º»»»»¦¥¦¦¦¦j "9«¬¬¬¬p´µµµµy Put effort into your work and participate in class. It's ok if you try and fail, but it's not ok to fail to try! * ststtttststtttº»»»»uvuvvvvVVWV*±´µµµµy9 It is important to advocate for yourself. If you are having a hard time understanding a concept, tell me. I am here to support you, and I want you to succeed! "HhJ importFnt thing is to nevJr stop quJstioning " ± &lGJrt 9instJin ,+43('0/32,! HHHbrowTnQk/MMgGGGasIIIcNhooRl±IIIcoSm 6/.6554,+ ,+<8 #(% ;,+)(70/8,+,! KEQVWFVS[R [IIFPƅ GSQ 7*)0/,+54*),+ 2209999 ===5881 Daily classwork will consist of reading and discussion, note-taking, creation of diagrams and/or labeling, demonstrations, lab activities, scientific research, and presentations. "===543488 15088399" ===0883²;;;66 Every day we spend the first few minutes of class conducting scientific research. Students are given a broad topic and must choose three specific questions/subtopics that they want to know more about. We will work on the same topic for approximately 2 weeks, and then each student must present their findings to the class. 4387 )(865;54ƅ7 7=3232(')(97 ('*)('+*,+43=
8,+*)/. 665320/*)= ,! All chromebooks must remain off and put away until you have been asked to have them out. The chromebooks are to be used only as a tool for science, and not for playing games or emailing classmates during learning time. Anyone who is not using the chromebook for science purposes will lose the opportunity to have it during science class, and will have to take notes or complete work by hand. RRSŢŢĦŕŕęĒĒĒÖŶŢŢĦƇŋŊŊŊĎ Work that is not finished in class may result in homework. This should not exceed 30 minutes a night. Please contact me if you need support on an assignment and we will work together to better your understanding. klkllåååå©ƕřĒĒĒÖ ŶŢŢĦƇŋŊŊŊĎ ƃŇŢŢĦŎŎĒĵĵĵùąąąąÉż Work that is one day late will be marked down 15%. Work that is two days late will be marked down 30%. Work that is three or more days late will receive 50% of the grade given, and the student will be given a detention. We follow the expectations explained in the G.A. handbook. ±"«¬¬¬¬p9uvuvvvv´µµµµyɋ If you are absent you will have the opportunity to make up the work that you missed. You will have the same amount of days you missed to make up your work before it is considered late. "±² !±² ³±² Tests & Larger Projects Quizzes & Smaller Projects Participation: Wonder Boards, Discussions, Demonstrations, and labs In this course the grades are broken up into 4 major categories: Tests and large projects, quizzes and smaller projects, classwork and homework, and participation. Most tests and quizzes will be given in Google Forms to allow for quick feedback. Quizzes are meant to help prepare for the chapter tests. While quizzes may be "fixed" to earn back ½ the points missed, test retakes will only be allowed by filling out the application form. Projects will be graded based upon the amount of work involved to complete them; these will be done in class, as well as at home. Participation is a vital part of the scientific process. Scientists must be able to communicate their findings. You will be expected to share information, pose questions, and debate from time to time during class. 99;;;66662??? 28/99:: Ɣ Textbook Ɣ Pencil Ɣ 1 Pack of Colored Pencils Ɣ Science folder w/prongs Ɣ Chromebook ±² Classwork, Homework, Lab Reports
SCIENCE SYLLABUS SIGNATURE SHEET 99tuJJJdKKKeTnts+) 7PleHase reHad the course syllHaIbus Hand shHare it with your pHarents± Then you Hand your pHarent²guHardiHan should sign this sheet± 7PleHase return this to 4rs± &rown Iby -ridHay³ 6OctoIber )th± 0 hHave reHad the policies Hand expectHations for science clHass Hand understHand them± 0f 0 choose not to meet these expectHations³ 0 Ham willing to Haccept the consequences± ¸¬««oŘŞċĊĊÎĒđđÕŖŖĚŘ ƂņƆŊĴĴøŖŖĚŘĒđđÕċĊĊÎ ŖŖĚñåää¨ŔŔĘĒđđÕɃ Ƃņñåää¨ƆŊĒđđÕŖŖĚŘʊĪĩĩíŞñåää¨ƆŊċĊĊÎĴĴøŖŖĚĪĩĩí ƂņƆŊĴĴøŖŖĚŘĒđđÕċĊĊÎ ŖŖĚñåää¨ŔŔĘĒđđÕɃ ʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋ ʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋ ¸¬««oŘŞċĊĊÎĒđđÕŖŖĚŘ ƌŐĴĴøĪĩĩíŖŖĚñåää¨ŘŞƆŊĒđđÕɃ ®¢¡¡eñåää¨ƆŊĒđđÕŖŖĚŘʊMŞñåää¨ƆŊċĊĊÎĴĴøñåää¨ŖŖĚ ƌŐĴĴøĪĩĩíŖŖĚñåää¨ŘŞƆŊĒđđÕɃ ʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋ ʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋ *ñåää¨ŘĒđđÕɃ ʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋ *ñåää¨ŘĒđđÕ ʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋʋ 66GGGarKKKeTnt 6uGGGarJJJdOiGGGaTn+) 0f you hHave Han emHail Haddress thHat you would like 4rs± &rown to use for communicHation HaIbout your child's progress³ pleHase include it here* ______________________________________________________________________________________
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