Motivational Appeals

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Sep 25, 2023
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Motivational Appeals - Notes Persuasive Applications ______________ - is the desire to ____________________; the need for food clothing, shelter, oxygen, and rest. It is usually considered the foremost motive. ______________ - is self-esteem or a feeling of personal worth and accomplishment. We have the need to strengthen our "__________". We don't like to feel inferior or to be made fun of, so we work hard to build morale and win approval of friends and family. __________________ - is the desire for ______________, comfort, and ___________________. __________________ - is the need to give and receive love, to have friends, to share life with others, to promote the common good. This drive spurs your donation to charity to help the less fortunate. __________________ - is an appeal to the __________________, to a desire for ownership. __________________ - is the need for exploration. ______________ - is faithfulness to nation (__________________), school (______________________), city (__________________________) friends and family. ______________ - is a need to conform. This is what prompts you to " _________________________________________ " in dress, hair styles, slang and actions ______________ - is a desire to "look up" to someone. This respect can a ppear in three forms. _____________________________________ or deep admiration for people such as a star athlete, a national hero, or a man in high office. _____________________, or respect for observances such as clapping after a performance, standing for the national anthem, or wearing academic caps and gowns for graduation. __________________________, or worship of a supreme being or universal force. ______________ - is the urge to invent and our urge to " ____________________________________ ." Drew Monson self preservation survive Pride ego personal enjoyment beauty recreation love and affection acquisition saving pocketbook adventoretcuriousity 4Th'Yspirit civilatiate'M Inftatong withthecrowd Reverengero worship Tradition Deity creativity do it yourself Adama Adina Alomar
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