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May 22, 2023
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Latin 1, 02.02 Note Guide Early Romans Culture: Early Romans What did you learn? Write a short summary about the early Romans: Write a brief overview about each factor contributing to the early Roman culture: Tiber River - flows 250 miles through Italy -from Apennine Mountains to Ostia -consantly overflowed-carry heavy slit that the mud separated the river into 2 channels -created 2 islands -tiber island and insult sacra Seven Hills of Rome 1) palatine hill - where Romulus + augustus built their homes 2) aventine hill- where remus built is city 3) caelian hill- known for oak trees 4) capitoline hill- first dedicated to Saturn -now place of most important temples in rome 5) esquiline hill- had gardens, libraries, and bath houses 6) quirinal hill- where the emperor Constantine built his baths 7) viminal hill- smallest hill- known for twigs Agriculture -tiber river was rich in nutrients -farmers grew grains, grapes and olives -traded with Italian tribes Early Society - romans infused other cultures into their own (cemeterie design) - came together with other latin cities for festivals, performances, and religious ceremonies
Audi et Dic: Vocabula (Listen and Speak: Vocabulary) Fill out the blanks in this chart: Latin Entry English Part of Speech Derivative(s) aedifico, aedificare to build Verb Edifice Habito, habitare to live in verb Habitat Maturo, maturare to hasten verb Maturation Teneo, tenere, to hold, possess verb tenous Terreo, terrere to frighten, scare Verb Terrify Timeo, timere to be afraid, fear Verb Timid augeo, augere to increase Verb Auction Verb Persons Complete the Present Tense Verb Endings chart: Singular Plural 1 st person- I and we -o= I
-mus= we 2 nd person- you and you all -s= you -tis= you all 3 rd person- he/she/it and they -t= he/she/it -nt= they Let's Talk! From the dialogue: Name all 1 st person verbs, singular and plural: Name all 2 nd person verbs, singular and plural. Name all 3 rd person verbs, singular and plural.
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