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ANTH 329
May 11, 2023
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Excavating Religion You have joined an international team of archaeologists to perform a new survey of the Sinai Peninsula focusing on religious sites of all three Abrahamic Faiths that will later be excavated by the same team. The purpose of the mission is to locate sites that have yet to be discovered that shed light on the Early Origins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As a member of the team, you officially represent your government on the project. Before coming to class on April 19 th you should do some research on the religion and archaeology of your chosen nation that will be participating in this project and also archaeological survey . On Monday, April 10 th we will discuss which nation you choose to represent among the following that have sponsored archaeological projects focusing on religious sites in the Middle East and North Africa: 1. Egypt 2. Ethiopia 3. Japan 4. Korea 5. Italy 6. Canada 7. United States 8. Israel 9. France 10. Senegal 11. Brazil 12. Germany 13. UK 14. Australia 15. Poland 16. South Africa Please bring your notes* and a list of references to class on April 19 th to turn in and come prepared to: 1) Introduce yourself (you may be a real or imaginary archaeologist and the perspective that bring to the project. 2) Discuss the kind of sites (in terms of cultures and time periods) that someone like you, as an archaeological representative of your region would be most interested in finding.
3) Discuss the benefits you think this project will bring to the international community. 4) Discuss the kind of benefits you think this project will bring to your country. 4) Provide an example of a religious site you have worked on in the past. *i.e., outline or list—or other form—just not complete sentences or whole paragraphs
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