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PHIL 1404
Jul 24, 2023
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After watching skin color is an Illusion and reading in the textbook, In anthropology race is defined as a social construct rather than as a biological category. Because genetic variation does not neatly align with racial boundaries, using biological characteristics to categorize people into races is difficult. Genetic diversity within racial groups is frequently greater than genetic diversity among racial groups. Physical characteristics vary along a spectrum, making it difficult to define distinct racial categories. Racial classifications are arbitrary, change over time and across cultures, and are influenced by social and political factors. Human identity is complex, and race simplifies individual and group identities. While race has social and cultural significance, it is not determined by biology. Race is primarily a social and cultural issue shaped by social constructs, beliefs, and stereotypes. It classifies people based on physical characteristics and perceived ancestry, with consequences for power dynamics and systemic injustices. While race is not a fixed biological reality, it does have real consequences for individuals and communities, resulting in disparities and inequality. Understanding race as a social and cultural issue allows for an examination of its historical and contemporary implications, as well as the promotion of equality and justice efforts.
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