Tutorial 1- ANTH106

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May 29, 2023
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Tutorial 1 - ANTH106 What do Archaeologists do? Familiarise yourself with the course outline, with the Lecture 1 material (lecture notes and readings) and prepare notes (1 page) in preparation for a discussion on 'what archaeologists do and don't do' What is archaeology? - It can be defined as the study of the human past from material that remains. - Must be material based and studying the material of the past. what type of work archeologists do? - Human past - archeologists can look into the biological evolution, cognitive changes, subsistence economics, technology, Ritual and region, religion belief, socio political structure and trade and exchange. - Materials - it could be sites= where there are environmental remains. Artifacts= Any object made or used by modified humans - Archeologists analyze different artifacts and sites, look at changes in recourse use as people over exploit the environment over time - Data gathering, recovering - Analyzing data - Reporting - Can be looking it paleolithic archeologically (old stone) - Can investigate the classical era - Maritime archeology - underwater arachnology - Lots of different time frames - Rock art, zoo, botany, writing and discipline. Where do we work? - Can work anywhere is any country, land scape and materialistic items. - Can work min many departments both humanities and science. - Work in historical sites, colleges and universities, field archeologists, lab work - Archaeologists spend most must of their time in lab looking at artifacts and data to help answer their research questions. - Was traditionally field based but also so work in the lab - Gathering data - find sites, record location, and record descriptive information about the sites.
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