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Mar 27, 2023
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Greys anatomy By Jackson Cook This Photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-ND.
Parenting styles in Greys Anatomy Although the children of Derek and Meridith grey are not the show's main focus, they are in many episodes. Another mother has made some very interesting parenting choices, Meredith's mother, Elis Grey. Elis was a very dismissive mother when it came to parenting; although she struggled with mental illness and the loss of a lover, she had made many concerning choices with Meredith growing up. Elis also tried to commit suicide while in front of her daughter. Derek and Meredith are incredible surgeons who work insane hours; therefore, their children are in daycare all day, leaving them without their parents. Both Elis and her daughter Merideth have very permissive parenting styles.
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Throughout this presentation, I will focus on Meredith and her husband, Derek shepherd; I will also bring in a couple of other characters when needed. When Meredith was young, she was given food, clothes, and a house. While in her younger years, the last three needs were not met. Even though Meredith was given food, clothes, and shelter, her emotional well- being was not taken care of. Once Meredith was older, I believe she skipped the third need and moved on, not intentionally, but she never had friends or felt like she belonged anywhere until she met the doctors and her future husband at Seattle grace hospital (Sloan Grey Memorial hospital). As Meredith is an adult, I believe she has met all of her needs and is in a good mindset. She feels loved and as though she belongs in this world; she also has esteem; Meredith has self-respect and knows what she deserves. Finally, as a doctor, she is always trying to become better and the best version of herself.
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