6/18/2019 Receipt Gallery 1/15 You are here: EXPENSE > Receipt Gallery Receipt Gallery The Receipt Gallery is accessible from the main menu (via the eRECEIPTS button), the Add Expenses panel, and via the ADD ATTACHMENTS button on the Expense Entry Screen. It contains all the receipt images uploaded directly to the gallery via the Chrome River app and via Chrome River SNAP . The maximum file size for individual images uploaded via the app is 10 MB, and JPG, PDF, PNG, and TIFF files are accepted. Chrome River SNAP only works with JPG, PNG and HEIC/HEIF files. Accessing the Receipt Gallery To access the Receipt Gallery from anywhere in the app, the Menu button and selecting eRECEIPTS from the drop-down menu.
6/18/2019 Receipt Gallery 2/15 To Access the Receipt Gallery from the Add Expense panel, tap the + BUTTON from inside any expense report, then tap RECEIPT GALLERY at the bottom of the list.
6/18/2019 Receipt Gallery 3/15 To Access the Receipt Gallery from inside an expense item, tap ADD ATTACHMENTS in the Attachments section, then tap FROM RECEIPT GALLERY . A green dot next to the Receipt Gallery indicates that there are unused receipts available. Upload Image To add images to the Receipt Gallery from within the app, tap the UPLOAD button found in the upper right-hand corner of the Receipt Gallery.
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