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Bailey1 Heather Bailey Ms. Johnson ENGL110-Spring 2021 02/04/2021 THIS I BELIEVE I have many different philosophies about life because there is not just one philosophy that covers everything. My beliefs each have a different meaning. Some of my perspectives include working hard and playing harder, taking pride in myself and the accomplishments that I make. Everyone is on this planet for a reason, so live and let live, and lastly, live every day like it could be the last; do not stress over things that have already passed. From this essay, I hope others will understand how I see life. The first of my philosophies, work hard and play harder, can be explained very easily. I love going on vacations with my family and going to the lake on weekends. I always make sure my bills are paid on time, the cabinets are full of groceries, and my children have everything they need. If I did not work hard, I would not be able to enjoy life as much as I can and share all these great memories with my family. I feel that I appreciate the off-time more because it was earned. I also instill in my children the need to work for the fun times; I do not believe in handouts. The next of my philosophies is to be proud of myself and all of my accomplishments. I have not always made the right choices in life, but I have found that I am not happy when I criticize myself. I am not on this earth to please anyone except myself. I have to be proud of what I have done in life to this day. I try to set goals for myself that are realistic, and even if I do not always reach that goal, I will still be proud of myself for trying.
Bailey 2 Another philosophy is that everyone is on this earth for a reason. I am a believer in the phrase "live and let live." I do not judge people, and I am incredibly tolerant of the way others choose to live. I am not out to change anyone because of differences. I have my own life to live, and I feel that all people are essential to this earth and have a mission during their life. Finally, my fourth philosophy, live every day like tomorrow is not promised and do not stress over things that have already passed, is my most important belief. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with a deadly skin cancer, and at the time, I was not even worried about it until I researched the diagnosis. I had numerous surgeries to remove it, and by the time I was in my early twenties, I was completely clear. I then started thinking about life and what things are most valuable for me to be happy and succeed. I believe every day I make some mistake, but tomorrow will be miserable if I ponder on it. I live for today but learn from my past, and I also do not worry about things I cannot control. I used to ask myself "why?" daily, but it does not matter why; what matters is the outcome and if I learned a lesson. The above are a few philosophies for life that I live by and believe. I anticipate that people will understand why I live life the way I choose from what I have written. I do not aim to change others' beliefs but rather give more insight into looking at life. Maybe my views will help others think about the positives instead of focusing on any negatives in the future.
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