Chapter 4

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Oct 29, 2023
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Buildup To Revolution George Grenville Prime minister (1763) Low colonial taxes Colonies relatively wealthy Revenue Act, 1764 "Sugar Act" Goods from West Indies Colonial frustration Taxation without consent Trial by jury Currency Act, 1764 Paper money and credit ban British war debts Quartering Act, 1765 British troops New york Stamp Act, 1765 Intercolonial sales Paper, legal docs, etc. Affected vocal groups Lawyers, printers, etc. Stamp Act Congress Sons of Liberty Buildup and Response Grenville dismissed (1765) Townshend Acts, 1765 Tax on imports Glass, tea, paint, etc. Nonimportation movement Boston Massacre, 1770 5 civilians killed 6 wounded John Adams legal defense Townshend Acts replaced The Precipice Tea Act, 1773 British East India Company Monopoly Reactions Tar and Feathering Committee
Boston Tea Party December 1773 340 chests of tea Dress up! Tension Continued Coercive Acts, 1774 "Intolerable Acts" Restricted colonial governments Closed Boston Harbor Continental Congress Meets in Philadelphia All colonies but Georgia Move To Disarmament Militias Colonial protection Greatest threat to British Troops Massachusetts (April 1775) Lexington Concord British retreat Virginia Williamsburg Lord Dunmore's Proclamation Deterioration Bunker Hill (June 1775) British victory Severe British Losses Continental Congress Olive Branch Petition July 1775 Sought reconciliation with King George lll Prohibitory Act, 1775 All trade with colonies banned Fueled Thomas Paine Common sense Irreparable Damage Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 Unity?
Patriots and Loyalists Quakers Slaves Around 100,000 leave Fear of democracy/new government Challenges British Stretched supply lines Who is loyalist? (Tories) Overconfidence Revolutionaries Unpredictable militias Who is patriot? Defeats of 1776 Strategy British Cut off New England Capture major cities Philadelphia later focus on south Revolutionaries Avoid decisive defeat Ally with foreign powers War's End Yorktown General Cornwallis Defeat 1781 Treaty of Paris (1783) New Government State Constitutions Experimentation with democracy Who votes/has rights? Women? Slaves? New England Mid-Atlantic Article of Confederation "A firm league of friendship" No central power
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