= »d-to-Know Videos ed information line amortization table. 'e the first two years of a straight- payments. re the journal entries to record the first two interest plete this question by entering your answ ers in the tabs below. y line discount amortization, and (c) the bond interest expense. period, compute (a) the cash payment, (b) the straight-| each semiannual e nearest whole dollar. e: Round your final answers to th Semiannual cash interest payment Annual Rate Year 612} = [ $ 68,000 Par (maturity) value ) '$ 1,700,ooo'x [ 8% [x Straight-line discount amortization -[s 7.700| : Discount on Bonds Par (maturity) value Bonds price Payable 1,700000[- [ § , 14689%0| = s 231,010 DEE Semiannual cash Discount payment amortization 20) ©$ 68000l [ S g0l = [s , Req3 >
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